Syria:America’s opportunity has passed and we should embrace that…

Not a fan of Assad and I especially disliked the fucker when he and his were upsetting Lebanon. That said our time (the USA) has passed regards taking Assad out with the credibility such a deed requires. Our waffling now and squiggly searching for a way to make our faux nobility shine there is sickening.

Syria is experiencing two wars.

Syria is in my opinion in the grip of a legitimate civil war. This war is the one I doubt the opposition could’ve won but I also think it is the one that would have been the better one to support and nurture. I also had a glimmer of hope that it was the one that even Assad would’ve ultimately accepted.

The second war raging in Syria is the proxy war. This one is illegitimate and is the one that will do more harm than good to the people of Syria and be that which many a person will look back on as a bit of bad business.

Jordan,Lebanon (including Hezbollah) Russia,Qatar,Saudi Arabia and Iran (again see Hizzie) are just a handful of the real agents at work in Syria. Many of these folks are ,along with our European ‘allies” calling for Barack Obama to jump into this cauldron of stupid. Let their be no doubt of it,what the proxies have going is all religious and domestic bullshit and under no circumstances worthy of US lives or dollars.

  • The people of the desert who have axes to grind against the Alawites or Assad himself on a personal/political level are not our friends.
  • The people who are boosting the Sunni elements no matter their ideology beyond prayer time are not our friends.
  • The Shiite support squad are not our friends in this.
  • The warm water seeking,market expanding mother fuckers are not our friends.

We had  a chance to whack Assad,stand for the people of Syria and Lebanon a number of years ago. Perhaps it was some of our earlier Lebanon experience that prevented this (241 Marines). I don’t know. I do know that we accepted,at least on face value, a nations sovereignty even if grudgingly so. We do no good thing if we forfeit that now without a clear indication that US interests are threatened or best served by doing otherwise.

You can look all day and you won’t find it. Our collective opportunity to be the good guys of Syria related issues has long passed. Our involvement late into this albeit evolving story can only result in the deepening of our moral and policy morass. Neither item can really afford yet another assault.



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  1. Huck says:

    “(again see Hizzie)”

    It is worse than that. Iran is sending its own troops into the mix, not just their Lebanese proxies.

    But I agree with your statement…the time for us to get involved has long since come and gone. Our involvement is a serious mistake.

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