Fighting back against the tele-scammers….857 444 5692

857 444 5692 will caller id as WS Learning Center or Learning Center. Initial research shows this entity to be a telephone scam centered around SAT test prep.

Let’s count the ways these shit bags deserve to be killed.

First they are scamming or attempting to minors.

They are in many cases in violation of the Do Not Call list service.

They are from my experience in violation of the various federal and state laws regarding telemarketing,specifically violating the hours point.

I will be following up on this as well as pursuing all the tiresome avenues of redress.

For now though let web searches for the number show….THEY ARE SHIT BAGS. DON’T ANSWER,DON’T DON’T DON’T

You’re welcome.


ps the scumbuckets apparently are in sync with their shitbag brethren and will call via local exchanges. keep your eyes on the ID.