The Backlog has broken my Back….

I had planned on trying to blog more frequently and as such opted for a monthly e-zine model. Well I got up to March in pretty good stead but from April on my time robbers were better than ever before. I also faced the onslaught of incredible volumes of stuff to blog about,creating a backlog of epic and sadly disorganized heaps of drafts. On a personal level the April “edition” especially presented a major obstacle. Having a number of real life connections to the Boston Marathon attack and the evolving story lines that flowed from it was put near crippling. Part of the issue on that one was the internet playing home on a grand scale of douchebag conspiracy theorists who lied so sickly that it literally made me sick.

I don’t know that moving forward I can do any better let alone get to the Jan-Mar. flow. I do know I’m flushing out the drafts and backlog with apologies for the obvious enema symbolism.


The Titanic: So there is a rich guy paying a Chinese shipbuilder to make T2. I would NOT take a cruise on that and I think the idea is pathetic.

Taxes: We all pay them,well sort of. As Romney correctly stated at least 47% of us don’t truly have skin in the game and it for this reason (and oh so many more) that the our tax system & nation is in the state that they are.

Boston Marathon: Really happened. Really not a staged event. People really died and lost limbs etc. truthers are pieces of shit.As for launching a series reminding people of various political and historical follies well perhaps I will still do that,just like I thought I’d be able to share some stuff from an area of interest I have,public health PSA’s. We’ll see.


Debt & deficit: This is treated like a fringe story and this is shocking to me. The levels are outrageous and unsustainable. It is equally true that the double D’s are truly the cancer that will consume us.

Commies: I don’t really know where I was planning on going on this topic. Although no supporter of the Marxist clan of ideology I have to say I am shocked there are no credible resurgence movements happening. I wonder if when you sell out to a point plus add the obvious failings of are you subject to remaining on the trash heap of history.

Memorial Day: I did chime in on this one.