The clearest points concerning the Obama Administration…

The only thing transparent about the White House is its perverse penchant for secrecy.

R. Epstein Foreign Policy Magazine

The above linked article captures my mood very well although by no means completely. Not to put words where others have not meant them to be I have to say that the Obama/Holder tag team is the clearest indicator of how bad an administration the present one is.

AG Eric Holder represents the clearest connection to that which we truly know about how Barack Obama thinks and feels. I don’t think any other Cabinet member represents the “true” Obama better. From day one the writings,speeches and rants of candidate and then President Barack Obama there was always the one person I felt connected with what I saw in Obama. All others could just as easily be written off as political or disinterested go alongs that obviously come from a Presidency established as Obamas was. Right from the word go Obama’s only clear point of anchor was Holder and how the DoJ would function.

Lets think on this a little.

State. Hillary Clinton. The DNC consolation prize.

Treasury. Timothy Geithner. Sell out ? Tapping the experts? Punt? Needless to say it was easily described as allowing the fox in the henhouse. It is stuff like this that shows how important picking the right POTUS for the right reasons is. Treasury paints an easy picture of everything the haters of capitalism need though to drive their respective punditry agendas.

Defense. Robert Gates. Hold over and olive branch. Not a bad call but one that contradicted Obamas campaign more so than Treasury. Next up was Panetta a party soldier from way back. Promoted out of CIA?? At least the mechanisms speak to what Obama became and apparently oh so willingly.

Labor. Hilda Solis. This one had left wing credentialing written all over it. I’m at a loss how it was ever important to BHO or effective. Party points such as card check voting died and in my mind Solis will only be remembered for the kids working on family farms thing. Much like most Labor picks nothing much but the pendulum effect seen depending on the oval party affiliation.

HHS. Kathleen Sebelius. This potentially rivals Holder. Big player in ACA issues the alleged cornerstone of Obamas legacy. Clearly a tip of the hat to the at the time Democrat bench.

Education. Arne Duncan. The only pure Obama pick I ever liked. The two major programs that have come out of it have been poor and for one of those, Common Core, that is a bad thing imo.

Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano. An agency Obama has taken a shocking liking to contrary to anything he said during his campaigning. His true followers should be horrified. The choice itself was clearly a reward of a party faithful though.


Back to Holder.

If you know anything of Holders past regards race relations and such you have to see a dovetail with Obamas much publicized opinions on the Warren court and I mean the verbatim stuff not the hyped. If you know anything about Holder you should not have been too surprised by the Cambridge Police v Harvard professor thing. There is a kinship there that can’t be denied. This isn’t about race though. This is about how they think and how they see law as the possible answer. I think it speaks to a similarity of indoctrinated character.