Edgy or Crappy Editorial Cartoon?

Stumbled across the story of the Sacramento Bee op-ed toon that has Texas Gov. Rick Perry fuming…


I find it insensitive but that is wholly due to timing. I find it definitely edgy but can’t shake the feeling there is more agenda driven negativity behind the cartoon than the potential truths that it does indeed embody.

Some of the plus and minus points I have with this toon are:

Texas is indeed sticking it to the obscenely business unfriendly California and do it with a dash of leadership from its elected officials.

There was no lack of regulation foisted upon the West, Tx. fertilizer plant. I’ve heard that as many as seven (7) different agencies on local,state and the federal levels had their hands in this. Their failures are an indictment to the inefficiency and lack of vision the bureaucracy has as opposed to the plant,Texas,Perry or any of the other blue collar Red states.

Texas is business friendly but that isn’t synonymous to failing to collect taxes and spend them. I find implying other than that is dishonesty x10.

It is undeniable though that states such as Texas and Louisiana attract and support those businesses that do indeed carry inherent dangers. I find that there are indeed times when these dangers are downplayed and faux shock when something happens like the recent Texas incident comes a flowing.

The flip side of the above point is of course the reality that all across the nation people want the products and related employment & services that tied to the industries all the NIMBY’s (not in my back yard) rail against.

I also hate it that so many folks look at “fly over America” with so much disdain and ignorance. Folks get spoiled surrounded by office towers and spreading tech campuses. The reality is there are many many communities all around the nation ,hell the globe, that rely heavily on the one or two industrial anchors that reside in or near them. These people deserve our respect and thanks far more than any flippancy or scorn.

We all need to stay connected and concerned about the risks around us. Whether it is a plant, a storage facility or a passing train or tractor-trailer. The things we need and want as a society come with some risks and dangers. Vigilance and care are indeed warranted.



  1. jonolan says:

    I simply ask myself this: would the lamestream media do the same thing if the majority of the victims were non-White? As the answer is a definite NO, it’s a crappy and insensitive ‘toon.

  2. Safiyyah Frans says:

    I wonder who looked over that cartoon and thought it was a good idea? I have to agree with you though us “coastal states” pretty much are just starting to care about what is going on in our fly over states, which is just sad.

  3. Alfie says:

    Thank you for adding to the conversation. We are supposed to be in this together. I am in the Boston MA area but spent time in Texas,Colorado and Kansas. I got a lesson in how communities can be very dependent upon dangerous industry.
    As for the editor saying “Run It”! I only hope he/she thought there was something in it but I think smugness reigned.

  4. Alfie says:

    There is a lot of truth in that. I remember a satire that had the press all hyped on a missing girl. Then they found out the name,very latina. Disinterest seeped in. Then someone runs up and announces a blonde girl was hurt cross town and off went the hounds. It can work both ways. Baby Jessica probably wouldn’t have had the exposure if it was baby Tyrone. West played second or third fiddle to the Marathon story that’s for sure.

  5. jonolan says:

    Very true, Alfie. Every year approx. 4700 Blacks are gunned down and killed by other Blacks, mostly by ones using sub- $150 handguns, and the MSM remains largely silent on it while sensationalizing the tiny number of “assault weapon” assaults upon Whites by Whites.

  6. I’ll have to simply concur. It’s a crappy, insensitive and agenda drive cartoon.

  7. Huck says:

    Alfie January 13, 2013 at 4:42 pm · ·

    Huck left this comment on this blog in Jan 2012:
    I think Obama is going to get re-elected, the GOP will hold at least 1 part of congress, and we will see a constitutional crisis in 2013 as King Obama increasingly circumvents the will of the people.

    A ME country other than Afghanistan will see American blood.

    We will see violent protests and responses in America.
    His batting avg. is looking pretty good so far
    We are flirting with that constitutional crisis prediction with these attacks against reporters.

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