Cultural difference,curiosity and Caracas government.

Like many I stumbled across the story of Alejandra Benitez secondary to weird and racy connections it has going for it. The former Olympic fencer Benitez has been appointed the Minister of Sport.

Upon taking the position she tweeted:

Today starts a new challenge and I will assume that challenge with the same commitment as an athlete who defends his homeland at all costs.

emphasis is mine and that is where the title of this post comes into effect. That smacks of Nazi Germany to me,it really does.

She has done some modeling in her past and is a dentist by schooling. She has a history of being a bit of a Chavez pet and absolute devotee to the late leader. Any one of these variables could easily explain why she may or may not be a good choice for such a position. I don’t get how the position is so important that it warrants criticisms of whether she is capable though. I would think the position is really not that crucial and as recent history shows not as if it is a direct ascension kind of thing to the big seat in Caracas.

There is one obvious reason this story had legs though:





  1. Well? That’s one heck of an attention getter that is for sure!

  2. Huck says:

    Nice find, Alfie!

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