How much of a low life loser are you to want to diss Thatcher at her funeral???


I’ve been looking at a number of UK press sites and am absolutely flummoxed by the losers who apparently have been looking forward to her death for decades. Undoubtedly sitting about collecting the dole while waiting but waiting none the less.


I can’t understand the vitriol of the anti-Margarets they really are some of the most pathetic folks I’ve seen in some time. Don’t get me wrong I am not asking them to get their Union Jacks out and get all weepy. I Just don’t understand what can drive an element of the populace to be so fucking delusional,so full of denial and hate and be so dedicated to just piss on a dead person.


Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of th...
Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, exits a limosine on the ramp at Andrews Air Force Base, Mayland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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    Knowing you live in MA and hoping you’re okay, bud.

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