Two recent deaths and the thumbs are just too stupid…


It just happens that two humans died recently and as is often the case their celebrity creates a buzz. I don’t find any tragedy or value in either case.


Roger Ebert, american film critic.
Roger Ebert, american film critic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First up only since he died first is US film critic Roger Ebert. I had occasion on a few blogs to see people taking positions on Eberts value as a human.Whether they applauded his work [snicker] found his fight with cancer heroic [why?] or hated his politics [?] I found it all quite laughable,both the pro and con arguments.


The guy watched movies and passed judgement thereof. He was given his power via a mix of emotion,laziness and capitalism from the masses or at least select groups. I’m not a fan of critics since I find them ultimately petty and little in being. They offer an opinion with full knowledge it has unwarranted power over the lives of folks who actually tried to make something as opposed to themselves who only have a grasp on a subject but lack the ability or strength of conviction to risk making something real. Be it food,theater,music or movies creators deserve a base of respect that they at least tried it. Whether folks find the finished product crap or crème is up to the observer,not some critical whore.


Embracing Ebert’s death as anything other than a news blurb seems insane to me. To explore his life and work seems a waste of time but I concede a bias in that celebrities are a waste in my opinion. Escapism is good and needed at times but dwelling on its providers is delusion.


Margaret Thatcher, 1983
Margaret Thatcher, 1983 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other death of account in many corners is the passing of Margaret Thatcher. The “Iron Lady” of Britain who arguably had more real life impact on humanity than many my think or remember has died at 87. She too was quite ill up to her death and also well past her zenith. Still there will be no lack of weeping and gnashing on the inter webs including here and now.


Thatcher by far was the higher impact player between these two. If one is prone to expressing emotions for those one has no real connection to, she not the movie critic would be the better choice.

So whether you give anything connected to the death of Ebert or Thatcher a yea or hay or thumbs up or down I’d say you’re better off moving along. There are far more pressing things facing the denizens of this planet.