The Cooper Chronicles:Three Cooper things


In the ongoing saga that is life with the yellow lab Cooper we have this:

Cooper is now ten months old and is still very much the puppy.

Pretty amazing. He is also tipping the scales over 60 lbs and is as friendly and curious as ever. He is all dog and still holding so true to breed that it is simply uncanny.He is quite simply the doggiest dog I’ve ever had.

Cooper makes for an interesting assistant when it comes to yard work.

We try to get him all the outdoor time we can and along those lines he finds himself about the estate when their is yard work to be done. I know deep down the motivation was chewing a stick but the latest antics afforded some fantasy tweaks. Having trimmed some unruly branches I needed to make them much smaller. I took to the lop shears and as if to be the trusty helper Cooper chomped on in. At one point we were working on the same tree and it seriously looked like we were a team.

The yellow nut bag shows he isn’t afraid of any tree either no matter its size. I was dragging about 15ft of branch across the property and all of a sudden I felt a tug. 14 ft from me was Coops grabbing at the branch.

Cooper had a “sports” injury.

In March Cooper was showing signs of pain and inability to bear weight on one of his back legs. We thought there was something wrong with his paw but couldn’t find anything. Off to the vet (scammers!!!) to check him out. They found nothing and gave us an NSAID script. A week latter of the chocolate smelling pill and some restricted activity he’s all set. I seriously think he just tweaked something running in the last of the snowbanks



  1. Huck says:

    Not that there is an actual connection…but I couldn’t help but draw a mental connection between Cooper chomping on oversized tree limbs and then injuring his own limb.

  2. Alfie says:

    I’m screwed if my trees have power like that,I don’t think I can find a Druid to appease them.
    I’ll have to get the grass to talk to the trees ‘cuz seriously if there is yard flora that has a legit gripe against Cooper its the lawn.

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