Grass not always greener


I am not a gambling proponent and in fact I am for the most part a member of the opposition. I have a number of reasons and since I am a resident of a state that foolishly has subscribed to casino’s as the golden goose I am upping my profile on the issue.

Vice NEVER travels alone

Addiction of any kind is a pox on the poor and therefore a pox upon us all soon enough

Real benefits end at the casino door

[“multiple studies (one example w ref. here ) in] the US have found that casino gambling costs taxpayers three times the amount that it generates in state taxes – because it tends to cause an increase in social welfare costs, regulatory costs, criminal justice costs and infrastructure costs”.BBC



  1. James says:

    I agree. It is sad to look at the casino’s plush surroundings contrasting with the often shoddy appearance of the gamblers.

    My wife and I don’t gamble but we have visited casinos for the food.

  2. Alfie says:

    They can be a night out but yeah there is something quite off about them.
    The social drain they represent is all too often overlooked by those that only want to see the fallacy of tax revenue boons and jobs jobs jobs. The lie is prettier so that is what folks see.
    *****forgot my manners…thanks for stopping by James and adding to the post. The snow melting yet?

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