So while we are sleeping…

With MSM fed dreams of a happy Obama overseas trip,the thank ______ (spiritual deity of your choice) we’re not Cypriot and the 24/7 that is Pope Francis or as I’m calling him Frankie & his antics Goes to Hollywood here are some things we have been sliding the sandman’s way.

#1. The Obama trip has been an extremely pro-Israel tip o’ the hat. Hands down no matter what anyone says he clearly pissed on the bojazzPalestinians merely tossing the most meager of bones their way regards two state eternal happiness. This trip has not swayed any of the US domestic AIPAC types so I see no domestic plus for the President but as we’ll discuss that wasn’t the point of this. For Israel the immediate domestic plus is simply the ability to embrace the status quo and move later in face saving ways. I guess the only plus for Obama haters on this one is that Israel is stuck with the status quo and put on the edge as it were due to #2.

#2. Turkey gets an apology or more to the point the apology & family compensation they wanted secondary to the Israeli raid on the Gaza “aid” flotilla. Relations can now be mutually green lighted and this is actually a mutually positive kind of thing for the two nations. This doesn’t hurt the US cause either since some stability amongst the two best and brightest in the region can be a very comforting thing. Sadly I firmly believe the US stance or specifically the Obama Administration stance on this is that they really want what will come out in #3. To finish up #2 though it has to be said that Israel has been put on what could be termed notice. Although I think things can work out between Israel and Turkey this most recent development in tennis terms goes like this: Advantage-Erdogan.

#3. The two regional stars are the key to a number of issues in the region and boil down to two hot and heavy Administration points. Syria and Iran. The ball is a rollin’ for military intervention in Syria and its coming for all the wrong reasons. The scribbles are on the wall and they are,or should be easily read as they exist on the wall the Afghanistan/Iraq prose was written and are there to be seen. People we need to wake the fuck up ! If this all goes one of the ways it could this is bigger than Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

#4. China and Russia are on record anew about the West meddling in the internal politics of sovereign states. Here too the die has been cast and I for one fear it is lost on many of my fellow countrymen. The SCO and the Autocrat Club™  is gaining a credibility that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. There are those that downplay this heavily and to them I say “Fuck You“! When the autocrats have more liberal attitudes than the democracies of the world we’re all screwed.When the autocrats are gaining footholds across the globe and wooing nations out of the NAM we’re screwed.

#5. Back here in the states where perhaps the most pressing domestic issue is the surely cooling topic of gun control there are at least two cases before the Supremes™ (SCOTUS) that are important to us as citizens. Both originating out of Florida they concern the use of police dogs and the definition of the concepts of search,specifically the warrantless kind. I like dogs,I’m more pro-law enforcement than not and I don’t like bad guys getting off on technicalities. That said though K9 units are not 100%,in fact they actually rate between 30-70% depending on whose stats you walk with. The two FL cases are based on the dog “alerting”. This is crazy shit because basically what we’re thinking of allowing is any cop with a total garbage dog lying their ass off about the dog alerting and then searching you car or home to their hearts content. This is WRONG!!!!! There was a shitty ruling back in the day primarily courtesy Sarah O’. These two cases give us a chance to fix the mistakes of the past. I for one hope the SCOTUS does so. It seems at least on the home front one there is a likelihood of a positive freedom ruling.



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  1. Alfie says:

    On an update China is forging ahead with bettering its relations in Africa while demnizing (perhaps rightly so) the West’s attitudes of the continent.

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