Happy Evacuation Day and oh yeah I’m a Prod

So I partook in the annual pilgrimage to the in laws for their lame ass St Paddys party. Green everything everywhere with the infected anus aroma of cabbage wafting about the abode. I found myself standing there in my bright orange shirt surrounded by 30+ folks none of whom voted for Romney in the last election and all of whom were either engrossed in progressive liberal prattle or holding false court upon the virtue of the alcohol they had in their hand with no real grasp of it and don’t get me started on the kids with the stupid hats. For fucks sake my nephew went out for some party favors and came home with a kilt. I made a point that the kilt was more a Scottish thing. Others made this point as well. Anyway I looked at my spouse and said….“I have got to leave”.

Certain events and times of year remind one of stuff. Some of that stuff isn’t necessarily stuff one is proud of or stuff you have ever really reconciled. St. Patrick’s is one of those things for me.

I was raised in a household where the “thick Mick” was a far more frowned upon entity than the “nigger”. I put it that blatantly because you really need to have an appreciation for the times and location. Post forced busing Boston, the Troubles of Northern Ireland holding different meaning than anything the neighbors embraced and the added joy that the local Catholics,predominantly Irish in my neighborhood, were really pompous bigoted shit-bags whether the topic was religion or Ireland or race relations.

So growing up with the knowledge that the school holiday was really St Patricks Day but properly fronted as Evacuation Day to keep the other ethnic subsets of the city calm I always had a bias against them.

Great irony of life is that many of my friends and extended family have ties to the Emerald Isle. In fact deep into my own genealogy Ireland served as a relay station like residence for relatives leaving England on the way to the USA and Canada, although there doesn’t appear to be Irish blood roots in there anywhere.

All in all the drinking and silliness is far from my cup o’tea. There are very real issues in me regard the day and its celebrants,a form of damage ? True enough but still very real. Evacuation Day is something we shouldn’t forget either though.