Executive pay curbs by popular vote…

After reading about the recent Swiss referendum I pondered the depths of this subject.

#1. Is it right?

I think it is right. I think in private corporations the stock holders should dictate compensation and do so far more aggressively than they do or can now. I would say I could support legislation and regulation that helps foster that. 

#2. Would it fly in the States?

I doubt it although it has been tried and very likely will be tried again. The devil is in the details as it often is. Any regulations must  be sound or otherwise they can be counterproductive.

#3. Is Switzerland less of a democracy ?

Well given the dynamics of referendums one would have to conclude they may actually be a better one or at least a purer form of democracy than say the US or UK. Although in the US petition driven referendums are common I imagine there are those that denigrate the Swiss without fully appreciating their own status.

#4. If corporations are people shouldn’t they expect such laws to pass and abide by them ?

Since I am a supporter of Citizens ruling this is a slippery slope for me. My basic premise for supporting the ruling is that I believe corporations are in essence more organism than organization. They have very real impacts and inter-relationships with the commonwealth of the places they exist. They are made up of people who depend on the mutual fairness in the dealings of the company and the “neighbors”. Corporations in turn need to take the ups with the downs which then dovetails into basic capitalism principles. That all said I believe The People through government can help assure that all parties are playing by the same rules.