An eternal truth about slums.

slums470That image hails from the FDR days when the New Dealers tried to enter the housing debate. The science was and is sound although the New Deal and latter the Great Society folks did more to assure the truth than to defeat it.



  1. Huck says:

    From a sociological perspective, I find the greater question is not “if” but “why”.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas that answer that question.

  2. Alfie says:

    Well I dare say it wouldn’t be a short answer but there are some quick hits I could offer.
    It isn’t about race.
    Entitlement mentality seems to be a big driver.This includes the expectations or lack of of personal responsibility.
    Common populism is something to consider. The fact that groups tend to identify and stand in solidarity with their “own” even if they are very negative types.

  3. Huck says:

    I was sort of wondering if there are any congregate effects in play, and it looks like your final point leads into that area.

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