A topic revisit: Drug Decriminalization

back in 2009 I wrote In2 Drug decriminalization just recently I saw this interesting piece in Der Speigel about the Czech Republics recent history of drug decriminalization. I offer it as well Czeched Out! The winners and losers of Drug Liberalization

5 responses to “A topic revisit: Drug Decriminalization

  1. Alfie, the article was interesting. My bottom line is I would rather have Granma growing pot in her back yard than seeing people crowd our jails for possession. Yes, drugs are big business and the drug cartels need to be stopped if that’s possible but the average Joe is the one going to jail. Once pot becomes legal our prisons will not be overcrowded. We also need to throw out the “third time” rule.

    Maybe it’s just me but I am still having a problem navigating your website. The only way I can tell you have added new posts is through your tweets.

  2. My position on the drug war has never changed. Put an end to it, period. If you support the drug war then you support turning thugs into millionaires, period. I have written about this so many times over at CLO that my fingers should be bleeding!

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