What has Washington D.C. become? Here’s an unusual answer….

The city has become, in effect, the Brussels of America. So a wider and wider variety of businesses and organizations must be located there to lobby the government that decides their fate. (According to the Center for Responsive Politics, total spending on lobbying rose from $1.6 billion in 2000 to $3.3 billion in 2011.) These firms pay local taxes. So do their workers, who also buy houses, patronize stores, pay tuition at private schools, employ local doctors and lawyers, and so on. The regulatory superstate is turbocharging Washington’s local economy.

That comes from this article at City Journal. I found it to be a different and interesting take on what the national capital is evolving into. I urge folks to check out the article and ponder a couple of points.

1. D.C. is turbocharging its importance as a city via the actions of the bureaucrats it hosts. You see no matter what you think about D.C. and its genesis the truth of the matter is there is a city there that has for a long time been a disgrace.

2. Mulling over the gravity of the statement “Brussels of America” I was amazed by how heavy a concept that really is. Think about it! The USA is in fact forging ahead with embracing the knowledge based economy. The trappings of what brews in Washington is pure gravy for this. That the federal level of government has this going for it should scare or at least perturb the average citizen.

3. I absolutely love the line from the CJ article pay tuition at private schools, No kidding??? No matter what gains D.C. makes as a metro there will be things that never change.

4. Will D.C. proper experience a new and more total period of gentrification? I love the topic gentrification and I mean that. The thought that D.C.  could thoroughly morph forever is something I have mixed opinions on.

I could go on and on but I am more concerned about getting on in my own neighborhood today so I’ll close.