Dhimmi? Dummy? Thinker! Britain WTF?!

Why doesn’t someone ( and by that I mean MI5 or 6) not just kill Abu Qatada ?

I really feel for my cousins (literally) across the Pond. Their sovereign courts have been overruled by the European Union court regards deporting this fucking leech to Jordan where he is meant to face terrorism charges. The radical cleric who is a total bag of shit sits in Blighty on the tax payer pence living a life he so totally fails to deserve.

People question why anyone in the UK could have a negative opinion about closer ties to the EU bureaucracy. Here’s a good primer.

People wonder why someone doesn’t just whack this guy. To that I have no reply other than a glazed look of confusion.



  1. floroy1942 says:

    Well said Alfie. I must admit it would solve a lot of problems, and more to the point, it would save the UK tax payer an awful lot of money.

  2. Alfie says:

    On a somewhat related note I see today where UK Home Sec. Theresa May has floated the idea. That Britain should leave the EUCHR. I agree!

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