A.P.E.S. It really is sunny in California…

Well streaks of sun I guess may be a better line.

Just finished reading a story in the LA Times that spoke of two pretty important decisions made by the school board. #1 is the decision to allow the first “parent trigger” to be fully pulled as it were. The parents of children attending 24th St Elementary in downtown LA have used a law that allows the school to become a charter school. For obvious reasons the union thugs are not amused and will surely be watching the new school. Also in the article there is the bit about another charter school that has been approved to continue/expand. It has an innovative program coming on line where it will be dedication one of its five campuses to be a freshmen only location. This is the kind of out of the box thinking the APES need badly. The article does point out that the school (Locke) has experienced bad test scores especially in math,but it also points out that the charter school is still performing at levels better than its district peers. Good luck LA and I hope the sun shines bright on your kids futures.

The LA Times article can be found here

A.P.E.S. is an acronym for our series on public education, it stands for American Public Education System. I know it isn’t the most clever,but then again I did attend public schools in Boston MA.