The Cooper Chronicles: Cooper vs Nemo

So when I renewed the blog I upgraded but not so much that I can load native video. If I could I would surely have to post up Cooper our yellow lab at his breed best in the aftermath of the recent blizzard.

Coops has reached about 24″ at the withers and wouldn’t you know that is the non-drift height of the snow. Get to the drift side of the house and all the snow banks created by my shovel out efforts and you get a dog seemingly outmatched by the elements. Well Cooper isn’t having any of that. Double coated and possessing the charge of an 8 month old puppy he took to the snow with great fervor showing off a number of the classic breed characteristics. I swear there were times I thought it a good idea to have an orange flag tied to him. No worries though he instinctively mastered the white crusted environment right down to this crazy prancing porpoising thing he did to create flattened areas to rest and well…you know.


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  1. Huck says:

    I’ll bet this video is hilarious. Maybe you can post some pics of the cute little guy.

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