Straightening some of the recent Right Wing Slant

So there are a few stories making the rounds out there that have gotten quite a bit of right-wing slant. In keeping with previous forays in2 allegedly allied grounds I offer this post.

The Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) dissing the church story.

I found the spin that focused on the hate God and conservative values angle the most repulsive of the variants.Putting that aside though seeing that many folks failed to see a sadder reality in this story was even more disturbing. That the Wounded Warrior Project is evolving into a professional charity that exists for the sake of it’s existence as opposed to those it is meant to serve.

The truth is further evident when you know the WWP does indeed accept donations from religious entities. Bishop McCort HS of Somerset County PA has a football team that gives donations to them. Why a PA Catholic school has it’s $$ accepted and a FL church and church school is rejected is baffling. The WWP statement that the Florida entity was going to be “soliciting funds” is kind of outrageous given that the closest to the truth that gets is a special Offertory.

Not unlike Komen I think the WWP does some good; however,I also firmly believe that WWP much like Komen is embracing its own self-importance way too much.

The Debt Ceiling stuff,well sort of anyway.    obceiling

Depending on ones position the debt ceiling debate story has at least one angle that warms ones wonk heart. I find the bickering to be ridiculous and as such this cartoon captured how I feel pretty well. I think it really really shows who is right in the argument too.

The Drones and citizens rights thing.

This one finds me sitting in the Valley looking to both sides of me in complete bewilderment. The Right is so intent on hating the O that they now get all self-righteous and Constitutional on drone strikes. Some of these folks even gloss over the textbook incident of an alleged US citizen getting whacked and dress it like O had a Reaper flying over South Carolina taking out blue-eyed blonde Dixie school girls. The Left is also split and equally slanted. In the anti camp, that is still disingenuously less critical of the far more deadly Obama than they ever were of Bush, you find those that are marginally consistent in their disapproval of drone strikes on anyone let alone US citizens abroad. The other camp is all good with Obamas actions except for the strike on alleged US citizen Anwar al- Awlaki and are now scrambling to fully comprehend a progressive (D) POTUS having a kill list in the Oval.

Both sides are totally full of shit and wrong on this. The only variant in the groups that come close to the truth are those that a) find the Congressional authorization of the AUMF tenuous at best and b) those that see the continued drone strikes out of theater to be detrimental to the safety of the US and its allies over the long-term. These folks grudgingly find themselves standing with me in the middle where one can state enough is enough.

Awlaki was a US citizen on paper only. He had long detached himself from the USA and embraced his Yemeni identity. You could further conclude he even distanced himself from that as well, fully embracing the islamist persona and ideals. He appears to have been guilty of putting Americans in harm’s way. His death is no loss to our culture or rule of law. Get over it!

The continued intrusions into the sovereignty of already unstable countries actually endangers us and we will reap what we’ve sown. Pakistan,Afghanistan,Yemen and now locations in Africa will be energized locales of hate against the USA and its allies.

The Scarfe Controversy

Not personally a believer in Z.O.G. or any of the other assorted Bilderberg type hype it still pains me when things happen that feed the crazies and reveals the true double standards that abound the issue of turbanbomb1Israel,jews etc. Actually occurring in the close of January the editorial cartoon offended many given its depiction of Netanyahu building the security wall with the bodies and blood of Palestinians. Not willing to take a toon at face value and have a dialog folks all over the place including the American Right railed at the cartoon,its artist,publisher and the overall audacity to call into question a very legitimate issue. The toon was pulled from the London Times and an apology was issued. Diplomatic levels even engaged to stress the insensitivities of such imagery so close to Holocaust Day or whatever its called. Bottom line  free speech was not to be tolerated for this cartoon as opposed to how it was to be championed in defense of this one…………….→ → →

Well…..@#$* that:




  1. Huck says:

    Re: the cartoon controversy…

    Unfortunately, we will continue to see this type of double standard as long as any and all criticism of Israel is immediately discounted as anti-Semitic.

  2. Alfie says:

    Agreed. I really thought the thing captured a point worthy of discussion and I felt that discussion could be level headed. It didn’t go that route though. Thx for stopping by.

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