Happy Valentines Day & Don’t Blink

The BBC show Doctor Who is perhaps rightfully deemed campy or bizarre but I find it,and especially its more recent shows, damn good. In the spirit of Valentines Day,well at least in my twisted way I offer this.


These little cherubs (see the Valentines slant?) can be found in last seasons Angels take Manhattan. The angels for those not in the know are actually a life form that with a touch takes your life energy from you and sends you back in time as a rule the length of life/time you just gave up.

The grown up version as seen in earlier episodes tend to look like this:


This pose illustrates why they get the name Weeping Angels. The thing is they are only statues when you look at them and there are risks for them being seen by one another. A further point of information follows. So Happy Valentines Day. Keep your eye on the statues and whatever you do,DON’T BLINK!