France fries old colonies….

In the realm of unintended consequences one must see Mali as a textbook example.

France launched decisive military action against the Islamist militants that so thoroughly threatened Malian sovereignty and regional security. The problem now is that there is very clear evidence that the beaten and retreating Islamists have scurried back into Libya and Algeria. Add to this that all of them have not either died or fled French operations and you have at least three nations now where security threats will have a breeding ground and serve as festering boils on mankind.



  1. floroy1942 says:

    Hi Alfie,
    I think France’s action is justified, and what is more, I believe that many more countries should get involved in nations across the world that are under threat from these islamist insurgents. It is time all countries got together and did whatever is necessary to wipe them out. They have been a plague for far too long, and far too many innocents have died.

  2. Alfie says:

    I agree and your point is very true since the premise of the post is too. We do nobody favors just sweeping the fanatics about,they must be totally vanquished so all can live as safely as possible. Thanks for stopping by.

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