February 2013 Cherubs & Chiefs Edition…

So providing the snow gods don’t take out my power or Fios the February edition of ValleyViewPoints should be making the scene this weekend. In between shoveling ventures I will be posting the following:

Up to now Presidential Review A review of the POTUS holders of the past 100 years.

Angels & Cherubs, Don’t Blink!  A Doctor Who classic and one that fits in a twisted way with Cupids time of the year.

Drones of Prey This months weapons feature will highlight some of the systems,players and policy that this class is evolving into.

Straightening some of the recent Right Wing Slant This post looks at a handful of stories that were pressed pretty hard in the right wings of press and punditry. I’ll straighten them just a little to show where some of the truth truly lies.

A Poll: Is Obama the worst POTUS ever? A simple yes no poll with a quick commentary by me and a comment thread.

Throuples: A love story ? This post will take a very basic look into this “new” practice as I for one try to get some kind of handle on it.

I hope to offer some other stuff this month but the two feet + of white stuff on the estate is a real life variation of the metaphoric piles of stuff that is heaped on my life and time recently. We’ll see. Cheers.



  1. Alfie says:

    Well a number of articles have been posted and I reckon the final three will break by Monday the 18th. Fitting methinks since one of them is Presidential in theme

  2. Alfie says:

    Shocker! I have failed to finish the planned issue. Three of the stories are in such disarray in the draft bin I can’t see how I get them done. Sorry to anyone that actually cares.

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