A great Reason to hate Nick Gillespie & the rest of them…

So I saw a piece authored by the anchor of the libertarian crusader Reason Magazine and was absolutely blown away by the fuckers arrogance,shallowness and a bevy of other unreasonable standing. (link here)

From the linked article Nicky mutters:

I still draw on what I learned in the Scouts, whose mission statement talks about preparing “young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes.” That creed has helped to make me a better father—or at least a less-bad one—to my two sons, whom I kept from joining the Boy Scouts because of the group’s position on gays.

It was a decision that I made with much sadness and not a little anger, but it was fully in keeping with the Scout Oath, which requires members to do their best to be “morally straight” at all times and to do what they think is right.

The problem with this line of thought is that in keeping with the Scouts inclusiveness of many faiths there is a universal truth that homosexuality isn’t so straight. Even not knowing Gillespie’s faith upbringing I find it amazing he failed to appreciate that an individuals morality is rooted in something other than selfish intellectual aggrandizement.You actually haven’t drawn on anything from the BSA. In fact when it comes to loyalty and honesty you show yourself thoroughly lacking. Your magazine rails against government interference and mocks any number of boycotts as special interest shit-fests that hamper individual rights. Now you take this position? You fucking hypocrite!

He closes with this:

I hope that by the time my sons become fathers, they will feel comfortable enrolling their own children in the Scouts, and I will be able to talk with my grandkids about what it’s like to sleep in a tent outdoors and to pull a sled over frozen ground and how to stand at attention without laughing inappropriately and all the rest.

Mr Gillespie what you are asking for is for your sons to be a better person than you even though you’ve put them at a disadvantage to be so. That you profit off people and organizations being free yet applaud a minority agenda group thwarting the rights of an organization should drive you to a suicidal rage. It  won’t though since you obviously don’t have any integrity.

Reason comes off the reading list and links page today Nicky. You suck!



  1. Rutherford says:

    Ditching a magazine over one article you don’t like seems a wee bit impetuous to me. So do I understand your gripe to be that a true Libertarian would want organizations to be self-defining without interference from others, even if said self-definition involves blatant discrimination?

  2. Alfie says:

    Your comment here is loaded,jaded and a few other things. First of all I have a hard time for a long time with Reason. Second freedom is freedom. It has been my long standing position that individuals and private organizations MUST be allowed the freedom to be them. The flip side of the coin is that others have the freedom to feel and do what they see is right BUT under no circumstances are they allowed to squelch the first parties freedoms.Discrimination is a dirty word to me. It is used improperly and viewed through a myriad of lenses that reality is skewed.
    Free minds Free Markets. There once was a link to a magazine that believed in that slogan.

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