Two NEW Weapons that are kinda scary…

I like keeping up on weapons whether it is sales,development or deployment. I’m weird like that.There are two I wanted to talk about this month and it is for the reason found within the article title-they are kinda scary.

The first one is a drone that has a unique feature to it. CHAMP is an EMP weapon that can fly over targets,stay on station and fry computers, electronics etc. This puppy has been successfully tested but as of now has competing assets/technology that is already in the field. Where this may come into play down the road is open for discussion although it seems clear that this type of warfare is key in future conflicts where even stealth assets are safer when the enemy is blind and traditional assets have an advantage when their opposition cannot communicate.


The second is the Guardium. This Israeli manufactured ground UMV (unmanned vehicle) and its relatives are simply the logical land based counterpart to the aerial and sea-borne unmanned vehicles. I saw a field test on a ground based UMV from General Dynamics  that was meant for logistics support. The all terrain vehicle could even “think” through obstacles when it was not being directly operated. Basically you could load this thing with supplies and a program to get from point A to point B and like a planetary rover it went on its way. Well the Guardium and its offspring seems to have a bit more Terminator scene stuff going for it. Tasked with patrolling and potentially responding via arms is something new. No mere recon vehicle these things,they can actually do something when they find you. How easily this little jewel could find its way crossing over from the military to Homeland Security agencies should be self evident.


image credits: Boeing artist representation and G-NIUS