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So in keeping up with a desire to share news stories from around the web in the spirit of the how and why I’ve blogged since ’07 I offer this small collection for 1.11.13.

France is still France and that is so French.

france.gifThe Hollande government has really shown its stripes and how they differ from Sarkozy. In their announcements regards the deteriorating situation in Mali they are swearing to act but… “there is no point to rushing in”.

This classic French quote and the complete story can be found via the BBC

Al Gore a $oulless whore and the Left is stupid crazy.

This Earth shattering news isn’t news at all. It is though funny just the same. Al Gore the principle player of Current TV has sold out to Al Jazeera. Folks may find it kind of weird I have AJE linkage here and am opposed to this act. Although Current was kind of a shit bag outfit except for the program Vanguard and that the non-editorial driven content of Al Jazeera offers some credible journalism this deal is something to be leery of.

liberty_abusedI fear the AJ that will manifest is more the “alternative” media editorial stylings and not the journalistic stuff that even when hard and counter America is still journalism with integrity. This is something to keep in mind. i don’t mind reporters with views of opposition questioning the POTUS in a presser,hell I welcome it. I do however think essayists and pundits who get to wear the mask of journalism to whore out agendas and lies is something to care about.

Now one aspect where the Left is crazy stupid in this is Jon Stewart trying to compare this deal and what it means to Rupert Murdoch (Fox et al) News Corp having a 9% stake in Rotana a Saudi multimedia entity  that is hyper biased to be put it politely. To my knowledge Rotana isn’t on these shores and I find it a poor and desperate comparison by the comedian and his allies.

I don’t support the chatter on the right calling Gore a pro terrorist nut job. I just think the truth of this deal is more important than the one ups-manship silliness going on.

Real Crime knows no bounds

In the current uproar about gun control and all I share this story for a couple of reasons. Although there are reports that guns were present at the scene the injuries that occurred stem from physical handling and a knife. This story is evolving and will likely die outside of its local market but I think it demonstrates that the violent criminal mind is everywhere and for the most part doesn’t need a firearm. Yahoo

Borei Class is up and running

redpissThe Russians latest submarine is officially in the fleet. The Yuri Dolgoruky is one of up to eight new subs in its class. It is an intercontinental ballistic missile sub which carries 16 multi-warhead missiles that have a range of 5,000 miles. The Russians are modernizing their navy and this is something to stay tuned to but not necessarily afraid of in my opinion. I do think it speaks that the old Cold War folks are again reengaging old school across the globe. Russia in the Arctic and Eastern Mediterranean and the Chines in the Pacific. It will get interesting folks. BBC

The NEW update 1.11.13.@1420

Saw a piece @ FP from Jonathan Katz the author of this book that looked at the UN culpability in Cholera hitting Haiti.

In two years, more than 7,800 Haitians have died of cholera. One in five people in a nation of roughly 10 million has fallen seriously ill with the disease, while the unusually virulent strain has spread across the Caribbean, into South America, and the United States.

The United Nations has made grandiose, if seemingly empty, promises to fight and eradicate the disease, but refuses to consider its own accountability in starting the epidemic. Aid workers and donor governments have lost a critical opportunity — to demonstrate that they took Haitian lives and welfare as seriously as their own.

Fantastically interesting in my opinion especially seeing as a rule this is a fave tee shirt of mine no-un.JPG



  1. Alfie says:

    Well one of these shares has evolved since hitting the publish button. France is now a confirmed player in military action in Mali. One air strike and an unknown number of personnel on the ground. The source and amount of the reported air strike is unknown to me at this time and reports available so far fail to disclose troop numbers or mission specific type information. I will be keeping my eyes open on this one since I find the geopolitics of the Sahel region interesting

  2. Alfie says:

    Further update on France. Holy Crap!!! France is quickly getting all in. Domestic terror alert is up and flexing a bit in Somalia secondary to a hostage rescue raid kind of thing.

  3. Alfie says:

    Well upon further analysis I think I will ut my opinion of France under review. Something some yanks may not get is that a number of Euro nations especially France view happenings in N Africa with a more concerning and discerning eye. That said though I find it to be something that given the failures Messr. Hollander has experienced on the domestic front his moves in foreign circles and literally on foreign soil is telling. It appears the French public are ok with this so it isn’t just a Hollande thing

  4. Alfie says:

    An additional update on the UN/Haiti part of the post. The UN has informed Haiti officials that they DENY any claims,responsibility etc to the Cholera outbreak

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