Happy NEW Year…

It is a new year,well at least per the calendar but will 2013 actually be new?

I am by nature a pessimist but one that is willing to look forward just the same. In that vain I forge ahead here with some questions,observations and predictions for 2013.

The calm before the storm

The writing is literally on the wall  and any number of press and pundits have pointed it out. 2014 is to see the fullness of the ACA come on line. I see no reason to believe 2013 will be a blessing economically to the point that full implementation goes smoothly.

With 2014 being allegedly so important for various troop withdrawals etc one really has to wonder how 2013 plays out for the poor sods serving.

The new Chinese New Year comes in February this year,the Year of the Snake. No matter how it is numbered,named or celebrated is there any doubt that thoughtful eyes are on China in 2013 looking for growth and other good signs. New governance is coming to China this year. What will it all mean?

You need all your fingers and toes to count up the various hot spots and tension points across the globe. Whatever you think the new year and new US Administration is supposed to mean secondary to this doesn’t discount that at least a couple of these places should probably be counted on for full ignition in 2013. This line plays well into the next segment.

Country Vision

In my previous blog version I had posts that looked at the countries that matter most. These posts usually looked at said countries for their positives and relevance,not always but hey. In this article I am just taking a stab at a selection of countries and offering an assortment of pseudo Svengali stuff on them.

USA: We matter and we will need to be smart in 2013 or quite frankly….we won’t. 2013 is an important swing year for us.

UK: They matter and in the continuing saga of EU fiscal conniptions will face some really hard choices.

Germany: In a positive and power light one of the only European countries that matter in ’13.

Russia: The other important euro-player in 2013. I don’t trust Putin & Co. but it is without a doubt a nation that will play in a number of important scenes of the 2013 global play.

Southeast Asia: The whole Sino gang and the Aussies to boot. This area will offer a taste of everything in 2013.

Af/Pak: Afghanistan and Pakistan? Get used to seeing them as blended states. The Taliban will see to it.

Turkey: Of all the countries in the region I list Turkey for simplicity sake.In 2013 NOTHING will happen in Syria,Jordan,Iran, and Israel that Turkey doesn’t play a role in.

Venezuela: 2013 may very well see Hugo take the dirt nap. If this happens the impact on the Bolivarian countries could prove interesting.

Mexico: Talk about a two state solution should look south. On one hand Mexico ended 2012 making gains on China’s pie slice in manufacturing especially for folks based in this hemisphere. There has also been a noticeable immigration angle secondary to the economy. On the other hand the cartels are oh so powerful and total. Really I don’t know how to call Mexico other than to say 2013 should offer opportunity for them to make some choices. Those choices no matter what they are will impact the USA.

Global Lifestyle

Blossoming “middle classes”: This group will offer something in 2013. What exactly I dare not guess.

McDonalds: Strivers not mere survivors during the economic doldrums of 2011 and ’12 I think they’ll do fine in 2013.I hear they are opening vegetarian based stores in India. McDonalds,see a need or opportunity take a shot. We need more corporations and individuals like that in 2013.

The Cloud: I’m no techie by any stretch of the imagination but this seems to be where the next steps are heading regards mainstreaming and advances.

Fatties: With a nod to the first two and perhaps even the third is there any doubt that even where austerity rears its blessed head humanity is plumping up.

Apathy: I think this will be the new normal unless people everywhere strike against it and dig in against it. 2013 isn’t totally a snooze before 2014,even in the States. 2013 is one of those years where actions and ideas can occur that truly effect the coming years. If we get active and stay engaged it is only a good thing. If we go the apathy route I doubt even the election cycles in 2014 will rouse us. I also think this plays out around the globe. 2013 could very well be one of those test years found scattered through history. Whether we charge,muddle or lay down are the choices more so in ’13 than recent years. The status quo isn’t cutting it that’s for sure….what will we do?



  1. Alfie says:

    Huck left this comment on this blog in Jan 2012:
    I think Obama is going to get re-elected, the GOP will hold at least 1 part of congress, and we will see a constitutional crisis in 2013 as King Obama increasingly circumvents the will of the people.

    A ME country other than Afghanistan will see American blood.

    We will see violent protests and responses in America.
    His batting avg. is looking pretty good so far

  2. Huck says:

    I wondered where I posted that!

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