A NEW Vision…

Welcome to the new blog! Same as the old blog?

Although the footprint is what it is and the old themes are still strong (valleyviewpoints-seriously not a stretch) it is my intent to make the 2013 version noticeably different while still offering myself an outlet.

The previous presentation, in2thefray, was meant to allow me to charge into topics and discussion. There were some strong posts and two occasions where higher end media tipped its hat to me. Throughout the years there were ample occasions when I met folks on the internet and entered into some spirited discussions. I was and am grateful that I had the chance to make these acquaintances and look forward to building on that. This includes pursuing co-authors.

Where in2thefray was a product of the “I have time for this ” and “I’ve got to vent this” moments life offers one I hope to present something more organized with valleyviewpoints.com which is why it is in fact more of a monthly e-zine than a blog.

Where in2thefray went valleyviewpoints.com may follow but it will do so with a brand new compass. I am now more than ever committed to viewing things through the lens of spheres. see SPHERES EXPLAINED pg. Everything is connected people!

Navigation Tips & Tricks

As the site rolls out there will undoubtedly be tweaks.

The “home” page has a slider in it. The newest articles are found here via the image links within the slide presentation. The home page has recent articles on it as well but the order can seem scattered due to how the slider gets loaded.

The header,copy-vvp470.jpg takes the clicker to the home page. The current header is comprised of the following images. The Valley of Death. This is a picture after the bodies were removed. Today it is part of a vineyard. It is of course the site of the charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. It symbolizes history,courage and folly. The Korean War Memorial is found in the lower left. It is in my opinion one of the most moving monuments on the Mall. The “Melting Pot” captures my position on immigration. The image of Roosevelt is a jab at the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. It in my captures some of the pro’s and con’s of USA policy especially near home. The dominant portion of the image is a compilation of flags that for the most part cores the “Anglosphere” This is an example that spheres are important to me.

The category links, found under the header, take clickers to the archives of those categories with the most recent articles first. The categories have a drop down feature to them where sub-categories are found. For example Society subs to Arts & Leisure which further subs to The Cooper Chronicles and Movies,Music& Books.

There is a menu to the right of the header that shows Pages. These are stand alone pages of specific content.The pages currently include: About & Policy,The Inspiration,Spheres Explained . Folks can also find the Contact page here as well. This page allows for an off site email and feedback message to be generated. Not to beat a dead horse here but this page would be ideal for anyone open to co-author ventures. HINT!!

The monthly editions will have a category archive of the month they are from. For example The New Issue 1.13. This is the easy way to see the whole issue on one page allowing the visitor to click-through articles of their choice as well as seeing the theme of the month. For example the theme here in January 2013 is NEW.

Coming Editions

Since I am committed to planning this stuff out and seeing as I am hopeful for readers and co-authors I wanted to share the themes of the February through May editions. If you are interested in offering a link or post which ties in with the theme please contact me via the contact form.

February: Cherubs & Chiefs Edition: love & relationships,leaders,fat kids,arrows/weapons.

March: The Green Edition: St Pats,Ireland,Finance,class envy.

April: Titanic Edition: Titanic,taxes,debt,political and historical folly.

May: Seeing Red Edition: Debt and deficits,commies,the Red Sox,Memorial Day.