Welcome Back?

Yeah I just can’t resist the pull of blogging and the creative venting and sharing outlet it offers.

The reincarnation of my online presence is here and I’m ready to roll. This new blog will be presented in an online magazine fashion. I hope you enjoy it.

valleyviewpoints is a new venture with a new address and a new attitude behind it. Although my previous blogs style will be apparent as well as my personality I think some of the tweaks will be equally noticeable.



  1. Rutherford says:

    When you placed your wager on not blogging, I wish I’d placed a wager that you couldn’t stop. 🙂 Anyway, good to have you back even though I never lost you thanks to your continued patronage of my little place in cyberspace.

  2. James says:

    i like the site.

  3. Alfie says:

    Thanks. Although there are literally gazillions of sites and only so many minutes in a day I want to extend an invite to you to feel free to drop in anytime at this one. Of potential interest to you forthcoming is continued looks into Europe and some thoughts on music including your oft cited monsters and men. Btw I find it pretty cool you like them.

  4. James says:

    I’ll be back. Your comments about Europe and music sound interesting. I’m glad you like Of Monsters and Men too. I also like Nanno, the co- lead female singer’s accent.

  5. *chuckles*
    Now Alfie, as a former Paramedic you are more than aware of “The addiction Process.” Kinda like my full blown addiction in 1980 to Turkey Hunting, and Sticks and strings! (Bowhunting for those unaware.) I’m on a truck (Yes a real truck eighteen wheels unless it’s a newer one with Super Singles.) Eleven months of the year bringing Rutherford and his kind their Broccoli. I do try to stay on top of things but CLO is pretty slow to say the least.

  6. Rutherford says:

    Patrick, the next time my wife serves broccoli I shall raise my glass in salute to you Sir.

  7. Alfie says:

    @James I have to say the bio of OMM reads like a short story fantasy of aspiring artists. I must say I like Mountain Song much more than Little Talks. The former reminds me a little of the sounds of a couple of UK bands from the 90’s one being the Housemartins specifically some tracks from their The People who grinned themselves to death.
    Just tossing out there that in accordance with the them of the February issue I’ve waded into a bizarre corner of the love topic.Throuples.
    @Patrick…broccoli? Well drive safe anyway. Some bizarre weather patterns out there lately. I imagine you could offer an opinion on fuel and roads costs over an area.

  8. Raji says:

    Well Alfie, I learn something new everyday. The new word of the day — Throuple.
    I thought that was called a “menage a trois” . Your forthcoming opinions will be anticipated with interest as Feb is the month for lovers 🙂

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