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So I read a very interesting post at threesurethingsinlife aka BiC’s blog. There is a part of the post that delves into the world of law,documents and privacy. It has real world implications and input. It is a slice of the reality that  we all are facing and soon to face even more so.

For an odd reason I remembered a post from March 2011. it was titled Barack Obama and the seeds for WWIII. Towards the end of that post I have a bit called Tron goes real. The cyber aspects that could result in conflict. I’m also slightly and bizarrely reminded of the Terminator saga.

Anyway that’s my interesting insight into my mind today.



  1. Alfie says:

    totally tooting my own horn here but…. I am impressed by my past post and how it gels with the headlines of November 2012. This is a big plus for me since in an ego way I am naturally flattered when I’m proven not to be a complete idiot. On the other side of my predictions I blew the Chavez starts a war thing.

  2. dead rabbit says:

    Hey Alfie…..thanks for the shout out. It’s actually kind of humbling in an odd way. Epic last blog too…..Im still taking it all in. More like a magazine. A guy like you….ain’t no way you won’t end up writing again. Perhaps a new moniker. New place in the vast cyber universe. Good luck man.

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