The Only Defense Cut I support is…

bring them home !

I am and have always been a power projection proponent. I am not a fan of imperial deployment and engagement. With that said I can say without hesitation that I support the return of all US forces;land,sea,and air from oversea locations that do not directly support power projection.

For the record let me explain what that means in my mind. Small footprint joint services bases around the globe which exist with the full support of the host nation. Other than the words small footprint one may ask, what’s the difference from what we have now ?

The simple answer is sheer numbers for starters.That along with keeping the real estate motto of location,location, location in mind is important. Things like reconsidering the Middle East,the Pacific Pivot and our new and robust spreading presence in Africa seem to be begging for us to figure something out.

The second is the reconciliation of budgets and diplomacy. No matter what the DoD budget needs a combination treatment of enema and fasting. We also need to reconcile our combined forces for the most likely conflict times over the short to mid-term.We need to come to grips with the diplomatic/economic/political model that the USA is presently best positioned for. this of course is a trade based scheme which respects others,our diminished standing and capabilities as well as foster a softer approach to issues with much introspection.Along these lines we need to make sure of our alliances.

So where would President Alfie have forces? Well I’d keep the US Navy strong and keep a global presence the old fashioned way. Joint exercises and port of calls. For the Army I’d look for an almost exclusive domestic garrisoning of forces and deploy select elements along with the USAF. I welcome the expansion of Special Forces. For the air force I’d enter into global joint air base operations. Host nations as well as USMC and USN air wings could and should coexist at these locations. I’d also keep UAV and missile technology strong. I think I’d avoid missile defense systems and reestablish the MAD concept regards attacks upon the USA and her allies with keeping to the point of stressing the A and D of the acronym. Not too keen on the mutual thing,I’m pretty one way in that way.

Bring them home and take care of them. That is the bedrock of defense spending.



  1. Rutherford says:

    You presented this as a broad policy statement. Just so I’m clear, how does this apply to Afghanistan in particular? Are you content with the 2014 schedule or would you like to see it accelerated (or — good heavens — decelerated)?

  2. Alfie says:

    I believe the increase of green v blue incidents,the overall prospects of Afghanistans ability to be a free & functioning state and so much more dictates we leave.
    Also specific to Afghanistan though is that I doubt the Taliban will idly sit and watch us leave thus making timetables very dangerous.
    So basically I want us out safely,discreetly and with some kind of plan on how to deal with the future. As I’ve spoken about alot of times I look at the region through an energy and spheres perspective.

  3. jonolan says:

    I understand your point but we’d do better with massive defense spending cuts – Don’t faint! – achieved through not allow Congress to use defense budgets as giant porkbarrells.

    Give the military a budget and let Congress approve or disapprove it in whole or in part but do NOT allow them to add anything to it without the Military’s permission.

  4. jonolan says:

    Sadly, it won’t happen without a coup. Still, such a coup wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

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