Some Reasons Rutherford Lawson should support Mitt Romney…

This post is to poke fun at one of my blogroll friends. Rutherford, a passionate progressive, takes a lot of heat over at his place for his politics and his allies. November 7th could be a new dawn for him and I wanted to support that.

  1. The economy,directly- Rutherford is self employed in a sector that has taken a hit. Romney far more likely turn it around. Also if  R does super at least Romney won’t tax his skin off him .
  2. The economy,indirectly- Rutherford is a consumer as much as any American. Romney offers a better chance to improve that.
  3. Won’t have to defend Barack Obama’s administration any longer.
  4. Will be able to regurge msnbc propaganda about Willard on a daily basis as opposed to the three / week schedule he’s on now.
  5. Needs more humor in his life,can laugh at Romney proponents when manna fails to fall from Heaven within Mitt’s first 100 days.
  6. Seriously what is better for a progressive,an alleged progressive in office or an evil GOPher?
  7. Again on the humor front. Seriously? Jon Stewart et al + POTUS Mitt Romney. Stuff writes itself.




  1. Tex Taylor says:

    That and the fact Rutherford is far, far more effective as a critic than slow footed defensive back, continually getting toasted for another touchdown. It’s not even a challenge anymore as the only rush Obama can sustain for Rutherford is another toke at a Choom party.

    I liked the mouthy, arm chair quarterback of 2008 much better than the petulant Obama toady continually being forced to defend the indefensible. It’s practically unfair to be asked to do that day in and day out.

    The old Rutherford is like those loveable troll dolls you can win from the carnies. The dogs may chew on and drag it through the dirt, but it provides you some warm memories.

  2. Rutherford says:

    First, I appreciate the dose of humor, even from Tex.

    Taking your post more seriously than it was intended, while I am unsure on points 1 and 2, points 3 through 7 are all bullseyes. Perhaps if Obama loses on Tuesday I can return to this post and it will give me some consolation. 🙂

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