The 10 most pressing issues facing the USA in the next four years are…

Here are the ten most pressing points I believe the United States of America and to a degree the rest of the world face for the next four years. These issues make up great reasons to support Mitt Romney for POTUS.

The Economy I: The Double D’s. Debt and deficit is literally crushing the country. If we do not address this NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!

The Economy II: Jobs & Growth. If we address #1 we will move on this one. Then it becomes a self perpetuation thing. We need both. Smarter regulation and realignment of governmental priorities will help greatly.

State Rights: Tied into this is an immediate shock to the system. The Fed is just too big. Also any number of programs would benefit from control and oversight closer to the “fight”. Medicaid and education being two biggies.

Individual Freedoms/Rights: Yeah I know it kind of sucks that this one isn’t #1. Be reasonable though. If we don’t address this ones predecessors we’re all condemned to serfdom no matter what. Also balled up in this one is personal responsibility and people choosing what’s right,not government.

Energy/Resources: Jobs,security and growth let alone basic survival type stuff lives under this umbrella.

Hemispheric politics: It must be the backbone of our united policies. Canada,Mexico and all of South America offer so much. A mutually beneficial situation that will help on so many levels from jobs,energy,trade and immigration. It is worth noting that Mexico is closing the gap on China regards exports secondary to wage issues. Mexico is on the verge of being the hot place to cooperate and invest regards manufacturing. Also it goes without saying that the I/O ratio is better if we look south instead of to the Far East.

The Middle East & the ‘Stan’s: No matter where we try to pivot or feel the need to be this quagmire is not letting us go even if we try to run away. The region will very soon see added dimensions of trade and energy/resource pressures keep this place in the headlines and the USA on the front lines .

China: Like it or not the global economy has tied us all together. As dependent as the USA is upon China for a number of reasons we must not be fooled into believing they are a cuddly panda. They are a dragon that deserves our attention as much as respect. We must keep China accountable on trade and Asian security points. The repercussions are real just as the events themselves are truly unfolding. See the tensions regards small islands if you doubt it.

Europe: The Old World is writhing and the pangs are not going to end any time soon. Russia will continue to complicate regional as well as international matters (Syria good example). The EU will do many things that can negatively impact the USA especially in the financial sectors. The UK is on a path for further isolation from the EU. In accordance with my beliefs in spheric alliances we could very well be seeing the ripening of the Anglo-sphere. If the UK and US can form a better alliance,Europe will be irrelevant. Should we encourage that? I say why not? Even so the USA needs to shelter itself from European based crisis. Sure they blame us for the international financial meltdown. This is overblown nonsense since they have plenty of homegrown issues stifling them. The Old World politics dragged the USA into two world wars. We should protect ourselves from any type of third courtesy of the cousins.

Terrorism: As I noted in a earlier post I believe we have lost sight of terrorism as political acts as opposed to acts of open war. There are and will be entities around the globe and quite possibly right here at home that will embrace terrorism to support their agendas. A war response in every corner will not work. It is neither sustainable nor advisable. An excellent case in point to this  is the recent Turkish revelation. In pursuit of better relations and  potential mutual benefits in the region the USA offered technology to Turkey to target PKK leadership. Turkey understandably declined. Technology would have meant drones. This new cure-all is used too easily and too quickly for my liking. The next POTUS must realign this policy to saner levels. That is not to say a pure law enforcement approach is appropriate either. We need to recognize & understand the events from their genesis and respond accordingly and by all means decisively.



  1. Alfie says:

    Yeah its cheesy to do it but I really do like this post

  2. Raji says:

    Re: China
    What we should be concerned with are things like the current bankruptcy of A123 (another of our many failed green projects) and it’s subsequent sale. Johnson Controls, a good olé American company, is competing with a Chinese company to buy the assets that remain. Should either company prevail, they will be paying pennies on the $250 million taxpayer “contribution” which will be added to the $90 BILLION already wasted on other failed green projects. To add insult to injury, should the Chinese company prevail, we will be giving whatever technology we gained to China (if they haven’t already stolen them) for pennies on the $250 MILLION that we BORROWED from them to begin with.

  3. Alfie says:

    It is my understanding has all ready pretty much cornered the market on a number of green technologies.
    Companies,cheap labor and incredible levels of government support make a winning combination.
    As much money as Bain makes of any number of Chinese companies there is no reason for America to roll over a die. It is an active choice. Bottom line China has shown itself to be everything Romney has ever said,both good and bad. It really is high time for America to do a great big ole gut check and give up on the Chinese. They suck as customers. they suck as corporate partners. We need to look within and North and South.
    btw SAIC is linked to A123. SAIC btw is in partnership with GM. GM will be the next on the Chinese “thanks,get out” list

  4. bridget says:

    You sure about that? Because Obama, Sandra Fluke, and the mainstream media keep telling me that the biggest issue is BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN.

  5. Rutherford says:

    IMHO you’ve got number 1 and 2 backwards. We’ve lived with debt and deficit for decades. You can’t pay your debts without a job. We need jobs and growth first and foremost. With a thriving economy, we can more easily go after the debt..With a withering economy, you can’t “buy” stuff without going deeper in debt.

    Jobs first … deficit later,

  6. Rutherford says:

    Bridget, with all due respect, just because reproductive rights and equal pay for equal work doesn’t matter to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to many other women. You’d do better to not be so dismissive.

  7. Rutherford says:

    Alfie, you came dangerously close to my position on terrorism. The war on terror is by definition a war without end. You cannot wage war against a concept. Terrorist activities should be thwarted through old fashioned police work combined with specific surgical military strikes, preferably via our CIA, keeping our armed forces out of it to whatever extent possible.

  8. dankieffer says:

    I agree with the majority of your list. Although I don’t understand how you can have individual rights not in the number one spot. America was founded on the rights of the common man. I agree the Economy is a major problem, but if we lose sights of the rights of the individual, this article may as well omit “America” from the title, because America will no longer exist.

  9. Rutherford says:

    BUT …. if you are going to have a war mentality, then you have to go all in and DECLARE war on the countries that harbor terrorists, and then strike not only the terrorist cells but the central governments of those countries in an attempt to overthrow them. If you’re not going all-in, don’t bother.

  10. Alfie says:

    Dan thanks for commenting. I can only say that a quick post like this will of course fail to reach the depths one would want to articulate. When I said:
    …personal responsibility and people choosing what’s right,not government.
    There is some depth there.
    I believe We the People will embrace and enjoy freedom and liberty when we choose to as opposed to wait for,or settle for what any government ladles out to us.
    I’d also add that the list affords for things to happen in concert.

  11. Alfie says:

    Rutherford we’ll just always agree to disagree on that one. I think we’ve reached the point where debt and deficit have gotten so off the chart that jobs and growth can’t come from more of it. You want the breath,you need it,but as you may well know when the elephant is sitting on your chest you’re not getting that air in there no matter how hard someone pushes it.
    As I alluded to Dan this is another place where line items work in concert. You think we can afford to perhaps let Jumbo have another peanut or two. I think we need to lighten him up a bit. From there things can cycle up and hopefully be the perpetuating thing.

  12. Alfie says:

    On a side note I think you’ve got a twist of the Stockholm Syndrome or something from your battles @ your place. Bridget offered some tongue -n – cheek,an amusing twist on what is so true. Any combo works and rings true. ie blacks DO care about crime and education right? Of course they do. How many pols try to only speak to them on one issue.And how many folks harp on a one issue that plays out as kind of perverse stereotyping?

  13. Rutherford says:

    Point taken. I think I took Bridget too seriously. If there is one thing you and I agree on it is that making any “minority” a one-issue voter is demeaning.

  14. bridget says:

    Equal pay for equal work does matter to me, which is why I support high-powered people who work to bring women on board. You know, by doing things like collecting binders full of their resumes.

    At any rate, let’s compare priorities here. Any woman with a decently paying job who can buy gas for $2/gallon isn’t going to worry about needing “free” birth control, and all the “free” birth control in the world doesn’t matter when you’re unemployed, stuck with a $50,000 tab for your share of the national debt, your social safety net is broke, and whackos in the Middle East are intent on destroying your country, imposing Sharia law, and outlawing birth control while ripping your genitals out.

    It’s not that equal pay doesn’t matter; it’s just that it’s comical to whine about Romney’s comment and “free” birth control in light of our current dire economic and military situation.

    Incidentally, as a woman, I dislike when men are dismissive of me and try to condescend to me. So, Rutherford, don’t tell me what I would “do better to not” do or not do, mkay, honey-face? (Oh, liberal men: the most condescending schmucks ever to walk the face of the planet. It almost seems like they live for women to metaphorically or literally suck them off, and get mad when we have other priorities in life, like talking about the economy or the military.)

  15. Rutherford says:

    You might take a peek at my comment to Alfie below. If your comment was NOT dismissive of certain women’s priorities and was meant to suggest that women are not one-issue voters AND that their priorities run the gamut just like men’s do, then I am with you 100%

    By the way, I see no reason whatsoever why women who have the means to do so, cannot pony up some of the cost of their own birth control. I don’t get the free birth control thing at all.

    Lastly … I would have used the phrase “do better to not” with you even if you had a penis. Sorry if you perceived condescension.

    Now, not to make it the big deal that some have made it, you don’t see the difference between the phrase “binders full of women’s resumes” and “binders full of women”? When I think of the latter it conjures pictures of a Playboy collection gathering dust in the attic. 🙂

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