Lest We Forget…

I apologize for the sketchiness of this post in advance. I have tried to get a large number of thoughts and posts together and quite simply have burned out without producing a complete one. So I offer this somewhat rambling tour through my mind on one matter. Terrorism. Although I don’t position this topic in the highest ranks I think in many ways I must have it in my top ten issues facing America in the next four years. I strongly believe that no matter your party and Presidential candidate that the Benghazi incident and the debate related fallout have an important lesson wrapped up. We need to remember….

I’ve pondered the Benghazi incident and it strikes me as a great example,among other non US involved incidents, that we have forgotten terrorism somehow in our focus on “war on terror”. Folks terrorism always had a different slant to it up the dawn of the Bush Doctrine stuff. We always recognized that there were those who would commit acts of terrorism to meet their agenda needs. these people were not looking for open war,they were looking to upset a system and to do so via terror.
By no means do I think the John Kerry police actions/law enforcement solution is the answer,but we really can’t forget that those who would commit terrorist acts,in its classic sense,still exist and in fact secondary to the GWOT must shift back to the old ways. Quite simply there are terrorists who will terrorize and not look to get into open warfare,even if it is asymmetrical in nature. The thought that we can label every nut bag AQ and hunt them across the globe in combat is kind of crazy. The flip side to that is that upon finding a cell or training camp….serving a warrant is kind of pointless too.

How is this seen in regards to the Libya incident? I say both sides are guilty of a crime of sorts against the American people.
On one hand the sitting Administration clearly has stressed a different approach especially as regards the Islāmic scenarios. This is seen in Libya,at Ft.Hood and in anything that comes out of Janet Napalitano’s mouth.
On the other hand not every terrorist act is a default act of war. Clearly the attack in Benghazi was not rooted in the shoddy film on the internet. This is as clear that there were very high-end weapons and tactics used in the assault. This was no mere riot of spontaneous angst and anger. There are still more angles though. Why do we think there must be an overarching m.o. and force that guides acts such as this? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created many ill feelings. The Arab Spring has uncorked many bottles including ones that contained anti-West,anti-USA feelings. Even more basic, the shifting sands in the Islāmic world were destined to move with or without US involvements and some of those were going to kill innocent people.

I am also concerned that all across the globe there are groups that engage or are willing to engage in terrorism who have been overlooked simply because “we’re not at war with them”. Holy Crap! This will not make the dead and injured any less so when they finally strike.

No matter who wins in November I think we best get our heads straight because I believe there are a number of entities around and still to be born yet that will embrace classic terrorism as their trade. When this happens a war mentality is not necessarily the best one to bring to the table.