in2 War at Walmart Prices

I’ve followed the evolution of arms sales and development for some time. I do so from the angle that policy is intrinsically linked to a nation’s ability to wage war.

To that end I offer an article from The Economist highlighting some rocket development that will either excite or scare you depending on your positions. One could offer up some links,articles etc that speaks to this topic but I found the Economist piece did so in a succinct manner,it’s actually like a primer on the subject as it were.

The United States (and others) have learned a bizarre austerity lesson from the actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. It has to be said that technology has continued to develop along with a new breed of folks who are willing to look back and then move forward as opposed to the crazed forward thinking dreamers. I really have to explain that sentence a little. By looking back to systems that worked and tweaking them we get effective systems both monetary and killing wise. This is an intelligent contrast to the folks who bring big,untried and expensive things to the DoD trough and soak the taxpayers and equip the services with items of questionable value.

Anyway in summary I offer this post for a few reasons and glorifying killing humans isn’t one of them. The items listed of course can be seen as good or bad,I leave it to the reader:

Cheaper systems that are effective help to assure a response. Foreign policy just got an aggression injection.

Effective weapons systems that have applications throughout the defense model the USA employs are not only cost-effective but beneficial to the service personnel.

Small,smart enough and adaptable systems helps to assure the near future gains regards the challenges we face with the decided upon changes Defense and State are to undertake.

310+ words that are not my best by any measure but still quick and informative,enjoy,learn,whatever.



  1. Raji says:

    “When such missiles cost a thousand dollars rather than a million, no target will be too cheap to engage.”

    . Which can only add to the continuation of the neo-cons foreign policy in terms of the execution of the “war” on terrorism in terms of the drone attacks and the kill list that does–even though no one admits it–exist. No president is going to give up power once grasped. There isn’t–and won’t be for many years and probably not until a major scandal hits–anyone running for or holding the presidency who will claw back those policies or the powers of the executive branch.

  2. Alfie says:

    True enough Raji. Another angle to this is of course weapons sales which are a BOOMING industry across the globe.
    Indeed this genie is out of the bottle and isn’t going back in,and while its out can only lead in one direction.
    thx 4 stopping by

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