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This was sitting in the blocks for a bit. Over at Rutherfords a commenter whom I have absolutely no respect for muttered on about how Staples (of Bain fame-implied) was a beneficiary of government spending. I responded thusly:

The Left thinks “Thank god the government is here to support a private business like Staples with taxpayer funds. Kiss my ring Staples”
The Right thinks “Thank God there are successful private companies that offer innovative cost saving programs like Staples Advantage™ that helps save the taxpayer money”

I think I’m clearly in the right and by that I mean correct. Remember folks when it all boils over it isn’t about Right versus Left….Its right versus wrong.



  1. Rutherford says:

    This exchange is probably sitting in a cranny of the comments section I have yet to see. Reading your account of it, I can only say that the left perceives the following meme from the right: “we don’t need no stinkin’ gubment and those who do are moochers.” As a result when libs hear about “we DID build that” success stories like Staples they are quick to point out that the government had a hand in it.

    I don’t think this is a matter of right vs wrong. It’s a matter of people reacting to their own sensitivities.

  2. Alfie says:

    Well you were not the commenter I mention;however,you do share the belief system I take exception to. I’ve refrained from entering the “build it” thing for the most part. my only dog in that fight is that A) I do loathe and hold little stock in Keynesian/Krugman economics and B) I find the argumnt falsely framed from all sides.

  3. Tex Taylor says:

    Consider the source, Alfie. She’s a somewhat of a borderline retread. If you read what I did, if she wasn’t such a horrific shill, you could actually begin to wonder if something wasn’t really wrong with her and have a degree of sympathy.

    She’s terribly immature and pitiful – you’ll have to trust me on this one, as I won’t share what I read.

  4. Rutherford says:

    Still peddling your “inside information” heh? 🙄

  5. Alfie says:

    Tex…she who will not be named drives me bonkers.
    I fell out of my chair when she posed the question to deadrabbit that essentially said “how can he be a teacher and not love Obama”?
    I think you and ET set a few clarion points forth such as debt etc.

  6. Rutherford says:

    Her point was simplistic but it remains valid. The stim did save teacher’s jobs. No one disputes that. The problem with her premise is that a teacher should be any more a one-issue-voter than anyone else. It’s like saying women HAVE to vote Democrat because the GOP wants to shove a wand up their vajayjay. Personally I DO think that should give women some pause, but I understand women caring about other issues more … and that goes for teachers too.

  7. Tex Taylor says:

    You don’t even want to know what I thought of your ‘inside information.’

    Or are you as sure that doesn’t exist either? 😛


  8. Tex Taylor says:

    By the way, did you learn to use double “quotes”, high tech? Try it. You might learn something. And there’s nothing “inside” about it. Laid out for all the world to see.

  9. Rutherford says:

    A cryptic comment to say the least. What exactly was my “inside information”? Was it that comment box on Sensico’s blog that you jumped to conclusions about? (e.g. it wasn’t outgoing comments it was incoming comments … the result of pingbacks). Read my explanation again on my blog and if you still don’t get it, feel free to ask questions. But please let me remind you that unlike you, Sensico and I (and Alfie for that matter) were PARTICIPANTS in Chen’s grand experiment, not observers like yourself. So if you’re still pushing the “Sensico’s comment box proves my point” meme, you’re simply and plainly mistaken.

  10. Rutherford says:

    Sharing this lame revelation with you will probably be unconvincing but I am telling the truth. I ALWAYS forget to use quotes on Google searches. Yes, I know it limits the search .. I’m not as technically stale as you would you like to believe. I simply forget to do it … probably rooted in some belief that a more inclusive search might find more stuff.

    Be that as it may, in your honor, I did a quoted Google search for the person in question and guess what I found? No connection whatsoever to Sensico … BUT (and this should warm the cockles of your heart) a comment on Fat Grannies blog back in June by someone carrying the same handle (no, not the Sensico handle, the other one). Now neither of us can prove the M&H commenter is my commenter but the odds are high that it is.

    Finally, again, because I live to maintain your dignity and web-reputation, I did a Google search on the actual email address and assumed name (based on that email address) of the person in question.You realize that as the blog owner, I have access to that email address and you don’t. The name is more common than I would have suspected. The name appears pretty consistently in three states, none of which are the two states associated with Sensico.

    If the evidence is out there for all to see, as you say, then throw me a bone and send me a link or two. No need to send any “screen captures” … don’t know why you had to do that if it’s out there for all to see.

    C’mon, wouldn’t it be worth it to you to see me post a public apology to you and in turn give Sensico a public raspberry for perpetrating a scam? C’mon.

    If you’re willing to concede that you’re mistaken or simply full of crap, then by all means go on insulting the person who will not be named by calling her “Densi”. I’ll just assume you’re saying “dumb like Densi” as opposed to “actually being Densi”.

  11. Tex Taylor says:

    C’mon, wouldn’t it be worth it to you to see me post a public apology to you and in turn give Sensico a public raspberry for perpetrating a scam? C’mon.

    Why would an apology from you count for anything? I’ve received so many false ones from you over years, I’ve lost count. Probably a good 25% of your replies to me have been in the form of apology of one sort or another. You didn’t read it right, or you had forgotten about that, or you misunderstood and now understand, or conceding some point, etc…

    That “cryptic” message isn’t cryptic at all. That’s being quasi polite, showing mercy and calling off the dogs.

  12. Tex Taylor says:

    If the stimulus saved teachers jobs, but left everyone of his or her students indebted with $4,000 plus interest payable at some long-term future date with no hope, no job, and no opportunity due in part to the indebtedness, and the stimulus only save the teacher’s job temporarily to boot, you still think it a swinging idea?

    Because that is exactly what a trillion dollar of deficit did.

    This is why I say you have no idea the implications of the supposed “saved jobs” really means. It’s a ruse and a scam, like so many of your claims.

  13. Tex Taylor says:

    Was Obama just “Eye Candy” at the U.N. speech? What a bunch of drivel that was. Meaningless gibberish, followed by another apology for a video that had been out two months, but suddenly unleashed a mob, which just happened coincidentally in 23 different countries on 9/11. Amazing coincidence.

    The vanity of this man continues to astound the senses.

  14. Rutherford says:

    That “cryptic” message isn’t cryptic at all. That’s being quasi polite, showing mercy and calling off the dogs.

    And the cryptic messages continue. You’re showing mercy? As for the number of my apologies even you must admit it is in direct proportion to the number of times I’ve been provoked.

    There is an interesting parallel between my blog and the real political world. You claim Sensico is someone she is not and no doubt some on the blog will believe you and you have no obligation to prove yourself. Similarly there are those who say Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya and millions believe it.

    You live in a world made for you Tex. We live in a time when we can say anything and a bunch of folks will believe us.:neutral:

  15. Rutherford says:

    Damn typo emoticon … 😐

  16. Tex Taylor says:

    You live in a world made for you Tex.

    I live in world far better than yours….what was it they said? “A picture speaks a thousand words and doesn’t lie? 😐 ”

    But we do live a world where we can say anything, and a bunch of folks will believe us – you got that right.

    Barack Obama is the most visible example; DensiNewt is just the fallout.

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