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So over on one of Rutherford Lawsons threads the subject of grading Obama came up. I offered up the following in the comments section. The questions/topics/issues were not my choosing…

Grades for Obama

1. Economic policy C-
2. Foreign policy F
3. On how his policies resemble his promises. D+
4. As a Leader F
5. Holding true to the Constitution of the United States of America.C
6. Job Creation W
7. Debt Reduction F
8. Infrastructure D+
9. Achievements (bills passed, budgets..ect.) C
10. Not a pass or fail but has the nation thrived or suffered under his administration overall?neither

I followed up in another comment this:

p.s. there are obvious caveats and reasonings in my grades. Call it the Alfie Curve with a leaning towards item analysis

I think I’d like to build on that and here I go…

1. I find the Administrations economic policy to be pretty sad. it relies on the tired old Keynesian Democrats class envy shit which declares when the do deficit spending it’s o.k. Pathetic. Overall the legacy of the Stimulus will be debt. The Treasury under Timmy G will have a legacy far better than some (R)’s and definitely self proclaimed conservatives will want to admit. All in all though on the Alfie Curve the points are hard to come by and with item analysis other graded matters impact any given graded point.

2. From the outset the best one could say of Obamas actual FP was that he was carrying over Bush’s. I don’t say that was a good thing but I defy anyone to say it isn’t the truth. As his term wore on Obama escalated the neo-con agenda with absolutely zero fine tuning. Obama also continued the saga of US administrations ignoring Latin America and added the Hemispheric outrages of Keystone and Fast & Furious. He fell asleep at the wheel on Russia has been a lamb on China and really really can’t claim credit for the Pacific Pivot since that seems to be a larger bureaucracy laden swing which will roll out regardless of the Oval occupants standing or party. Rounding off things Obama has been ineffective in the tiresome prerequisite piece of foreign policy,the Israel/Palestine thing.

3. Poor idealistic,believing his own press, out of his element mother fucker really had no choice but to make some serious adjustments. He gets a D+ here even though his next category,#4 gets a loud and clear F for the reason that his Administration did indeed address things. Now some would say that part is very true and ask “WTF is up with the D”? Well quite simply the bulk of those policies SUCKED so boom….D

4. Under no circumstance can anyone honestly state Obama has been a good leader. He has been cooperative. He has been a bookmark. He has been a lot of things but by no means a leader. Even folks on his side chide him for not playing the game of having people over to the WH for “chats” and let’s not even go over the “beer summit” thing. He had a finite but clear quantity of capital and he kind of just ignored it and eventually snuffed it. Hell look at his opus,ObamaCare. It was a platform plank. It was a cornerstone to “Hope & Change”. It was totally abdicated to nimrods. On second thought lets go with an F-.

5. I’ve actually been a little harsh here. Since I don’t buy in2 the conspiracy stuff regards the UN “presidency” and the like and that the czar crap is unfortunately the new norm I don’t care. On policy matters he has done some questionable stuff but since I hold to the checks and balance line I can’t blame him for all things that are questionable. Perhaps I could have/should have gone into the B range on this one.

6. I went with Withdrew on this one for a couple of reasons. In fairness to the category he has done nothing good for job creation. One has to spin that a little though that he, or any other POTUS is typically single handedly tied to job creation. Presidents are directly tied to policy though and his have only postponed the civil service issues and “saved” jobs at the cost far and away over the worth. (GM) In reading this I get where some might ask “So hit him with a fail.” I personally can’t get over the tempering agents of the true power of POTUS and the state of the economy has on this one. Also his offering of the jobs bill is such a fucking pathetic joke I can’t take it serious. I’m handing his paper and telling him to try again when he’s up to the challenge and course work.

7. F is being kind on this one.

8. He offered up a token and mildly reinvigorated the discussion we need to have as a nation. The end result is a D+. He actually can’t do better since he,or at least his party,are too tightly tied to the folks that make this such an expensive and formidable task. Still the grade stand,not unlike many of our bridges,in the D range.

9. “How the fuck do you give him a C after some of the things you’ve talked about”???? Quite simply whether good or bad,things I like (NCLB replacement) or things I don’t (any number of things) he has packed up some accomplishments. They don’t read like the ridiculous lists O-bots have on the web and in some formerly respectable publications but he has not just golfed.

10. Muffy asked for clarification on this one specifically. The country with or without him is skidding. We are not in control. We have differing directions we want to go or at least think we should go. These past few years have done nothing much to effect that in either way in my opinion.



  1. Rutherford says:

    I am so absolutely dead tired today that I can’t do a reasonable reply other than to say the curve has some serious downward pressure on it. With the exception of the debt (which by any standard must be an F) all your other grades could have at least been raised a fraction (a + there, lack of a – elsewhere).

    My biggest quibble is with 5. If you explain your C by admitting you should really have given him a B-, then you should damn well have given him a B-. The lazy among us will only read your grades and not your explanations so IMHO you’ve taken the easy partisan way out by dissing in your “executive summary” and then retracting a bit in the detailed section.

    As for foreign policy I think his only mistake was buckling to military pressure and doing the surge in Afghanistan. He should have started the withdrawal at that time. Everything else (i.e. the Muslim meltdown) is simply Monday morning quarterbacking on the part of “gotcha” conservatives. Obama went PRECISELY by the Conservative ethos of “spread democracy”, either actively or passively pushing despots out. The trouble is that 20/20 hindsight yields the truth that some countries are so uncivilized that they NEED despots to keep the lid on. Quite frankly, that lesson should have been learned from Iraq where its citizens cannot honestly say they are “better off” than they were ten years ago.

    On job creation and other economic issues … I am beginning to think it’s like arguing about religion. Pretty fruitless. There are many smart economists who stand by supply side economics and lots of very smart economists who stand by Keynesian. I fully admit I’m not smart enough at this point to take sides but I am smart enough to believe there are lots of poseurs out there (I’m not calling you one) on both sides.

    I don’t even remember how I graded this on my blog and I’m too lazy right now to look it up but on Economic policy I’d raise him to a C+ for averting a Great Depression. On job creation, I’d give him probably a C+ also for some 26 consecutive months of weak private sector job growth.

  2. Alfie says:

    Well you must be tired and cranky because you are holding me to a standard you don’t even hold yourself to. I too write for myself and fwiw felt I put forth a fair an open post. If people are too lazy to read through it,so be it,that isn’t on me. If people disagree with the grades or reasoning behind them in either direction,well good for them.

  3. Rutherford says:

    I must have been crankier than I thought. i didn’t really think I was slamming you.

    If people disagree with the grades or reasoning behind them in either direction,well good for them.

    You’ve got a comments section for differing POV’s, no?

  4. Alfie says:

    Get some more rest Rutherford…I said good for them…so yeah I welcome the differing views.
    Maybe we’re not communicating but I think we’re at least not yelling at each other. This post is what it is for me. I tried to be very honest and Alfie-esque. 🙂 I have to say though (perhaps not unlike a number of your own posts) this is one that I’ll gladly take other views but I’m not moving on this one.

  5. Tex Taylor says:

    1. Economic policy I – what are they? There is no plan but to buy votes, get reelected and spend more money.

    2. Foreign policy F – 23 Muslim countries in flame; Iran still working toward a bomb; Muslim Brotherhood and Arab “winter”, complete and utter failure in the good war; American deaths have doubled under this Adm. in Afghanistan.

    3. On how his policies resemble his promises. C – They’ve been miserable failures and he lied through his teeth about deficit reduction and post racial President; however, he said he wanted to transform America – he’s certainly accomplished that.

    4. As a Leader C- – Libs give him an A; everybody else gives Him an F – split the difference.

    5. Holding true to the Constitution of the United States of America. Double FF; I was surprised at your grade Alfie after the Czars, the Division, the thumbing the nose at 1st Amendment, Obamacare, the War on Women, the Get in their Face – the man is a menace. Surprised you gave him a ‘C’.

    6. Job Creation F – Market Force Labor Participation is Down 3% – the Job creation is a myth.

    7. Debt Reduction FFFFFFF – you couldn’t do worse even if the intent

    8. Infrastructure C – you got to get something for $1 trillion dollars

    9. Achievements (bills passed, budgets..ect.) D-; there is no budget and never has been one. Under his Presidency, they got Bin Laden. Whoopee

    10. Not a pass or fail but has the nation thrived or suffered under his administration overall? FFFFFFF – with grades like the above, this is flunking like no other President in history. Jimmy Carter is the best case scenario.

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