Countdown to Closure?

As I put forth in an earlier post I will close the blog if Obama wins reelection and Lizzie Warren unseats Scott Brown. I am more convinced today this must be the way I go.

My work schedule is keeping me from the sharing part of computer travels for the most part anyway,I seriously can’t find the time or energy at the same time. I also find that the news cycles are wearing me down in their insipidness. Too many of my fellow Americans are bedazzled by the shiny stories and are missing the important stuff.

Wishing Mitt Romney wins in November is no friendly thing. Whomever wins,in my opinion, is in for a shit storm the nation has not seen since the early 20th Century. Some would say I’ve finally fallen victim to the partisan paranoia that grips many a man with an internet connection. I don’t see it that way. I’m no genius but I do believe I can see. What I see is a world that is following a path that puts challenges before my country it has not had to face since the 1800’s. I don’t like the chances of our memory curve on this. I see foundations of our nation,those built in the 20th Century anyway, cracking and teetering. This would not be a big deal if We the People were actually up to handling the ensuing crisis. I think we are and that the government also are going the ostrich route.

This said I quite honestly and full heartedly believe that out of the choices at hand America’s best chance lies with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. This isn’t about the next four years or eight years. This is about 12 to 20,a life sentence that if America doesn’t make the right choices,the right adaptations it is game over.

Romney/Ryan offer a stepping stone where Obama offers a spin on the status quo masquerading as stability.

The Third Rails must be touched.

The people must start saving and be confident in doing so.

When we spend whether as individuals or a nation, we need to spend wisely and when at all possible domestically.

We need to get off the education I.V. drip that has drugged us into believing a lie.

We need to project our presence not through foreign bases but trade.

We need to maintain an ability to project power to protect our interests. We need to define our interests and reconcile them with the Real Politik of the world that naturally has its own interests.We need to save the future and tackle our debt.

So one can see that because what I see and feel is what it is,what would the point of blogging be if it we fail to take that first step.



  1. Tex Taylor says:

    I would be saddened if you left the blogosphere, but I understand- I need to snap out of my complacency and get back in the swing, where the net is not habit, but hobby and only on occasion. For all most ten years, I’ve been dicking around, much of it spent idling time away wasting whatever talent I may have. And time is getting away from me…

    In association with your post, here is an article I find credible – credible enough I might call it a given. For three years now, I have been unable to get the Rutherford’s of the world convinced of what is inevitable should we continue down this path – why Obama can’t be reelected and what the ramifications are should he be. Millions like Rutherford are completely convinced that the sky can never fall…and that I’m the proverbial Chicken Little. I’m afraid saying, “I told you so” will do little to make me feel better when it happens:

    Excerpt commentary about Woodward’s new book.

    Turbo Timmy Geithner confesses the desperate nature of the situation. The government is broke. Geithner fears the world knows this when he says: “Suppose we have an auction and no one shows up?” Geithner knows that we cannot finance our deficits using traditional credit markets. The deficits are too large and the government has no credibility regarding the required spending cuts. Geithner was admitting that markets would not allow the US government to continue its profligate ways. That admission is major news, although not to Woodward and his politically-oriented audience.

    Credit markets have (or nearly have) stopped US government debt financing. That’s why we have the Federal Reserve, the counterfeiter of last resort. If government can raise the debt limit, then it would be legal for the Treasury to issue new debt. The Treasury’s sibling, the Fed, would buy it by printing new money. That would allow the government to pay its bills for a while longer.

    One must wonder about the intelligence and stewardship of Timmy and the other attendees of this meeting. When Geithner declares: “It would be indelible, incurable. It would last for generations,” he is stating the inevitable. Raising the debt limit does nothing to change the US condition other than temporarily postpone his predicted outcome.

    The two italicized sentences of Geithner’s reveal what the American people need to know. No one will buy US Treasuries other than the Federal Reserve. Raising the debt limit only puts the government more hopelessly in debt, ensuring that Treasuries will be even more difficult to sell. Without intending it, Geithner admits that Bernanke will be printing money until the electricity is shut off or until hyperinflation shuts everything economic down. In either case, we reach his “indelible, incurable” situation which will “last for generations.”

  2. bridget says:

    The Third Rails must be touched.

    Can we cut the power to them while we’re at it?

    The Ryan solution (no changes for those in or near retirement) makes a LOT of sense, perhaps politically more than economically.

  3. Alfie says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff on Timmy. I’m thinking his head is definitely going on the platter. As for me departure from the “e” world. Like I said in the original. If things go so bad I really will need my computer for real world stuff. My town has a rogue elementary school principal who has seen fit to banish the Cub Scouts secondary to BSA reaffirming its position on openly gay participation.
    Even if all goes right my IP might need to be dedicated to the local election cycle with yours truly running for the Board. My wife isn’t happy w/ the possibility.

  4. Alfie says:

    mmm could it be a Tufts grad?
    sure shut the juice off but absolutely the time is now to get serious

  5. Raji says:

    From the article in American Thinker which I found very credible.
    “These geniuses were rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic instead of addressing the iceberg that will sink the country”

    That statement about sums up the current crisis. Alfie, I see your point and agree. We the taxpayers are the biggest employer in this country and our industry (government) is in free fall due to our business tactics. The employees are running the show and draining the well dry.

    In that NY Time article you linked, I took exception to the word “compassionate”. When that well does run dry and it will if desperate measures are not taken, what good will those “compassionate entitlements” have achieved except to momentarily stop the pain?

    This country does not know suffering. If you use the example of Iceland, a country that momentarily had a wealth of riches, their culture was used to hardship so their collapse was not the hardship it will be for this country.

  6. bridget says:

    Moi? A Jumbo? An elephant? Perhaps…. 🙂

    How are you?

  7. Rutherford says:

    The problem Bridget, is don’t we need economic solutions, not political ones? The Ryan plan, as watered down by Romney, is smoke and mirrors.

  8. Rutherford says:

    Alfie, let me make sure I get this straight. You’re taking the blog-suicide pill if EITHER Brown or Romney lose? Or is the trigger BOTH of them losing? Either way, you need to stay in the game.

    But I must admit, even I am wondering about my blogging future after November no matter the outcome. Defending Obama gets tiring and constantly playing the attack dog (which I might have to do in a Romney administration) gets depressing.

  9. El Tigre says:

    Perhaps you should change up and try honest commentary.

  10. bridget says:

    It’s not a solution if you can’t pass it into law, not now, not ever.

    Imagine this: it’s 2013 and you put a Romney plan through. It changes Medicare and Social Security for people born after 1958. Then, in 2016, 2017, you again tweak the plan to be more Ryan-esque, not the watered-down Romney plan. By the end of the decade, the plan in place is sustainable and the GOP didn’t electrocute itself putting it into place.

    Contrast: 2013, put full-fledged Ryan plan into place. Squeaks by the House, gets filibustered in the Senate Try again in 2016. Same result. Try again in 2020. If it even makes it through then, it’s dealing with people who were born 1964 or later, thus kicking the can down the road.

    Conservatives have spent the last four decades having their heads handed to them on a silver platter because the liberals have taken similar incremental approaches (albeit in the opposite direction). I see no reason to not take the same tactic to our own advantage.

  11. Rutherford says:

    Very very good point. It is exactly the only thing that salvages Obamacare in my estimation … you start with an imperfect plan (perhaps VERY imperfect) and you tweak a bit as you go along.

    While I’m guessing our politics run in opposite directions I think you do have the right strategy.

  12. Rutherford says:

    Yes, clearly any commentary that differs from your opinion would be by definition dishonest. 😐

  13. Alfie says:

    @ bridget. I’m good,busy with real life and frustrated with a number of things. I’ll add I’m shocked I’ve kept my little piece of “e” realty going. Hope all is well.

    @ Rutherford. Since I am a registered Republican and they use an elephant and therefore carrying forth the symbolism to Horton from the Seussian:

    I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one hundred percent.

    If Mitt & Brown lose…I shutter
    If Mitt loses & Brown wins…I shutter
    A Mitt win alone….I likely stay in the game with the caveat that I am very truly and honestly on the brink of real world political activity up to a run for elected office (oh no!!) and therefore in a paranoid manner I may close up so the IP is pure if I have to depend on it for said items.

  14. Rutherford says:

    Who can resist a Seuss quote? Well if you do run for office, you’ll have to reveal your real name to me so I can be your campaign manager. LOL I’m not a Republican but even so you’d be better than 90% of the politicians running around today provided you don’t let yourself get corrupted. 🙂

  15. I wish you well Alfie.

  16. Alfie says:

    Thanks patrick. Obviously I wish us all well in the coming months.

  17. Raji says:

    If you close up you will be missed as an icon of sanity in what is becoming an insane world.

  18. muffy says:

    One more reason to hope for a Romney win. (Though your voice would be a welcome relief in the arena of public office as well, Alfie.)

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