in2 I’m calling two elections early and they have stakes baby!

Mitt Romney wins

Scott Brown wins

If it doesn’t go that way in2thefray goes the way of the dinosaurs,or if your my e friend Rutherford…the Whigs.



  1. Rutherford says:

    As I said over at my place, this would be a loss to the WordPress Political Bloggers Alliance.. We want you in2thefray regardless of administration.

  2. Alfie says:

    Thanks for the kind sentiments but there is a couple of things behind this.
    #1. I actually believe I’ve made a safe bet. I’m going on gut and some history and ignoring the polls. I’ve said Mitt needed a certain 4 states. I think he’s getting them and getting at least two other juicey “toss up” states
    #2 If MA goes stupid I will need my IP address to be pure so I can enter the real world politically. Seriously I cannot fathom a Warren vote. Brown quite simply,hands down deserves a second term and MA deserves to be relevant under the Dome
    #3. I’m having a hard enough time blogging now. If things go south wheres the motivation? I always prided myself more of an explorer and reasoner when it came t blogging. i don’t want to be just a complainer or whiner.
    Go big or go home-Right?
    See you in November

  3. Rutherford says:

    Well I’ll say this. Your wager is on the razor’s edge. I can’t call the POTUS election right now. As for Massachusetts, while Liz totally wins over the liberal in me, I can see how she might come off schoolmarmish and maybe even a bit condescending to the average Joe. That could hurt her. Scott Brown has always been a very appealing candidate and from what I understand he’s shown some bipartisanship in the Senate to the irritation of hard-liners and Tea Party folks.

    I think your MA bet is a safer one but you’d have a better feel for that anyway being on the ground so to speak.

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