in2 the cooper chronicles 2

For  an update kind of thing just in case anyone cares. Cooper is alive and well. He is getting a little cranky about going for his morning walk. This is disappointing since when the school year starts this walk will be an important component of our households overall routine.

His leash behaviour is very good. His command recognition is: sit,down,stay (little tricky that one) and the newest and best…..heel. For us heel isn’t the walking thing. It is the uber replacement of come. It means come but the dog is to come to your side slightly behind you and sit facing the direction you are. This may seem kind of anal but previous dog & training has sold me on this one. It has applications that quite simply help assure your leadership and helps the dog stay safe.

All in all Cooper is acting like a normal 11 wk old Lab.chewy,goofy,learning and loving. I’m warming up to him although the big screen t.v. his acquisition represents still gets sighs at least once a day.


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  1. Raji says:

    Sounds like the morning walk is school time rather than a romp through the woods.
    Dogs are much more fun than TV 🙂 The fun starts when there is snow on the ground.

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