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I read a short piece at Foreign Policy about Paul Ryan. It was titled Paul Ryans Bad Idea for the Middle East. The article caused me to look up the considerably larger document from 2006 that is a pdf from the US State Dept. that looked into the Middle East Free Trade Area concept and its progress.

FP seems to take the stance that this effort was a failure and that by extension Rep. Paul Ryan’s foray into the world of foreign policy was also a FAIL. I further got the vibe that their position was to sway folks to believing Ryan unworthy of some deeper consideration.

Well I did do some deeper consideration and I’ve been rewarded with having a previously held belief being fortified. Many folks see Romney and Ryan as hawkish bunglers when it comes to future foreign diplomatic forays. In the terms of Walter Russell Meade many folks believe the two to be full-fledged Jacksonians and something to be feared after the W years. Well I am more fully of the position that using the same Meade scale the R&R ticket are more likely Hamiltonians.

I confess in having read Meades Special Providence   Hamiltonians were not my highest graded folks. I must confess further though that I find them, especially today, a far better fit than the Wilsonian/pseudo Jeffersonian guy we have in now the person of Barack Obama. Now if the terms are confusing you,well read the book.

Bottom line is that a Hamiltonian approach in the midst of economic upheavals and uncertainty and the unique qualifications of Mitt Romney and the potential of China and greater Asia and on and on I think Paul Ryan’s earlier trip was something good.



  1. jonolan says:

    Lords Above! That was a worthless bit of drivel by FP. So much for ever taking them seriously again. They’ve proven that they’re useless – worse than useless, actually.

    Nothing in their screed even comes close to analyzing what Ryan’s foreign policy position might be beyond the fact that he favors trade agreements as a means of “adjusting” foreign regimes’ domestic positions w/o the use or threat of armed force.

    Ummm…Duh! Every politician prefers that road as a first try because, even when it fails, it allows us to look at the world and say that we tried “the carrot” first and gave them every chance before we brought some form of “the stick” to bear upon them.

  2. I feel much as Jonolan does. As I read the articles I had to wonder just what they were smoking…

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