in2 an apolitical post…

If running over Canada Geese that think they’re pedestrians is wrong…..

I don’t want to be right!

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  1. 😆 Last time I was in Waltham those crazy geese didn’t give me a choice. They flew in low over my car and settled on road right in front of me. I ended up running over several of them and pulling into the Houlihans lot with one hanging off my grill.

  2. Due in part to the interbreeding of various migratory subspecies with the “introduced” non-migratory Giant subspecies, Canada Geese are frequently a year-around feature of such urban environments. Is this “man” messing with Mother Nature once again?

  3. Thanks for the comments folks. man I hate these freaking geese. Ironically we have indeed made them. Clean water and landscaping is like a crack smorgasbord for these vile avians

    • Alfie, it is all the fault of the elitist liberals and conservatives who demand pristine golf courses😉

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