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culture |ˈkəlCHər| noun

1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively: 20th century popular culture.• a refined understanding or appreciation of this: men of culture.• the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group:

Not for nothing but every corner of punditry and aloofness is trying to smack Mitt Romney at every chance they get. The latest is trouncing on his comments about the “culture of Israel” being a driving force for that nations success.

Some of the talking heads are on him that he doesn’t know what culture means. As per the referenced dictionary definition in my opener I think Mitt has the working meaning down.

For the talking heads that give Romney the props on the social institutions angle but bash him on the lack of free market capitalism early on in Israels history. STFU !! Many of the nations that follow capitalism today lack the Adam Smith/John Locke lovefest these internationalist douche bags think is the ideal. Funny thing is these same douche bags are secretly, or not so much so, rampant socialist or at least democratic socialists in their leanings on domestic policy.

Lastly there are the scholars who moan that Romney has misunderstood and or misrepresented their books,essays or what have you. Fuck you guys too!

Bottom line is thus….

It has always been widely understood that culture and geography play the highest order of roles in a nations success. This has been used time and again to point out Americas success with many of the same talking heads trying to reduce the cultural angle all too often.

This is a major case of Mitt Romney (and others) being right and a ton of other folks being dead wrong. No matter who you vote for in November know that!




  1. Rutherford says:

    Alfie, Gorilla called into my Internet radio show last week and noted Palestine’s very short history as a “country”. Thus it might be hard to nail down a Palestinian “culture”. Still, when Mitt gives a rep of the Palestinian Authority fodder to call him a racist, you can’t call that a winning diplomatic move.

    Add to that the British blunders and the seldom reported fact that Solidarity refused to meet with him in Poland and you’ve basically got one big foreign policy failed audition.

    I heard reporting yesterday that some in the Romney camp had discouraged him from taking the trip because it would only get him off his most powerful message — it’s the economy stupid.

  2. Alfie says:

    Well you know I’ve not celebrated the three stop tour even if I take exception to a number of the observations made by press and pundit alike. The trip in my mind was always more about raising money and awareness.He gets two plus marks there.
    London:He surely proved to lack diplomatic tact but I don’t really care about that. I do readily concede he caused some of the cousins to groan though.This is very telling though imo since neither Romney nor Obama enjoy a great love/respect thing from the Euro’s. Old Europe is old news.
    Poland: Not the worse thing having Solidarity bag on meeting him. Deep down the Poles know that a changing of the guard at the Oval is in their best interest. A photo op with Lech and that reality is all good in my book.
    Israel: Kind of predictable and a little cringe worthy. I’ve covered my points on this one. US jewry will go O…who cares? Again the lack of tact was telling but I think it was more intentional than the stuff in London. All in all not a good first salvo towards the region. I console myself in the thinking that Romneys market orientation may prove a good thing with Turkey. I think I’ve made it clear how I feel there.

  3. Rutherford says:

    Even if i didn’t disrespect Walesa, which I do, I would still have trouble reconciling his opened arms greeting of Romney with Solidarity’s diss. Has Walesa sold out?

    I also continue to be baffled by Romney’s lack of support from his advisers. Some pundit remarked over the past couple of days that when Obama took his “look at me” tour in 2008 he had a busload of advisers on the ground with him watching his every move. From what I understand Mitt went with a skeleton crew. Is it hubris on his part, economic necessity or just sloppiness?

  4. Alfie says:

    I don’t know about the advisor thing. If you think about it in a detached manner you could go like this: London was about $ and the Games connection. No advisor needed. Israel was about $ and US Evangelicals. There is also the case that Romney CLEARLY has a relationship with Bibi. No advisor needed.Poland is the wild card because it was a clear cut case of statesmen like call out of the Obama Administration.I think Romney was well advised on this one.
    I think there is a disconnect on identity realities re Walesa,Solidarity and Poland. Walesa was a President of Poland. A hero. He has a skill and position set far different than Solidarity. That Solidarity was even viewed as important in Romney’s meeting and visit to Poland is baffling. They wish not to be political and if you look at their statement they are all about the international brotherhood of unionism. Fine but that doesn’t help you with the Russians,EU trade and immigration rules and US visa issues. Romney was on a political visit and met a politician.

  5. Alfie says:

    Even if I didn’t disrespect Walesa

  6. Rutherford says:

    Maybe my history is wrong but didn’t Walesa ascend to the presidency of Poland on the heels of the Solidarity movement? They now view Romney as anti-union yet Walesa embraces him. Your comment that Romney “met a politician” seems to say it all.

    As I said over at my blog, Walesa screwed the pooch with me when he publicly complained in 2009 about Obama winning the Nobel. It was classless and graceless and tactless and petty. Mind you, I’m the first to admit Obama did not deserve the Nobel. But former winners such as Walesa should have either welcomed Obama to “the club” or kept their friggin’ mouths shut. I lost all respect for Walesa at that point.

    As for Romney’s advisers, I think they could have steered Mitt away from the MI6 gaffe which I think was the result of Mitt’s ignorance of British norms. They could also have steered him away from the “culture” comment.

    And most obviously, his press liaison could have kept things steady by not telling the press to kiss his ass and shove it. When you add that on top of Eric Fehrnstrom’s etch-a-sketch comment, it is clear Mitt has some serious house cleaning to do before he has a campaign staff that can propel him to the Oval Office.

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