in2 three stories I’ve been following….


There are three stories I’ve been following for some time and have pretty well set views on. There are two international stories and a domestic (USA) one.

This past week they have all seen a culmination of points so I thought I’d post up on them.

#1 Massachusetts health care cost bill

The Commonwealth is a focal point for the greater US healthcare debate secondary to the whole “Romney Care” thing. Well one thing that the proponents of that act all too often glance past is that the Bay State experienced insane cost growth. Whence Obama-Lite Deval Patrick made the scene it was announced that cost controls would be necessary.

Well they’ve done the deed but it will be some time before much is known. There is a definite increase in bureaucracy and what I consider an illogical and illegal construct of price demands upon practitioners. Critics from even the pro side seem to be concerned about the passed law having teeth to bite the issues.

So in the wait and see environment that politics has embraced we indeed will have to wait and see how this one plays out. What is clear is that the system has made its move.

#2 Syria

One of the things I’ve always felt important about the evolving Syria Civil War is the obvious geopolitics playing out all around it. I have still been unmoved in my long-held belief that Washington and my fellow Americans are failing to respond,notice,care or what have you on these points.

These points as I see them offer opportunities as well as challenges,I think this is the root of my frustrations.

A) Russia has a clear goal in the region and has taken concrete steps to benefit/position itself no matter how it plays out. Russia is being proactive and forward seeking in its actions and the USA should be ashamed. Russia will be a player in the region and will take its gains to a number of future UN votes. On an opportunity front if the dolts in DC could wake up a little they might see that allowing Russia a Mediterranean presence they could foster a more favorable position on Iran. The basis for that in my mind is already set and is based in the Caspian Sea.

B) Turkey is an important country in the overall scheme in the region. A counter balance to radical Islamists,Iran and to a degree even Russia. They can be a potential player in the positive over the Israel/Palestinian issue and on and on. Turkey is concerned about the happenings in Syria and have been impacted by them just like some of the other neighbors. With regards to Russia lets just say that centuries old naval history isn’t changing,see Dardanelles.

C) Iran. there are a number of ways they figure into this and a number of ways that A,B,&C play out in concert that resets the politics in the region.

Just to let folks know….the next big thing in the region is Arab v Jew. Its going to be all about GAS and WATER.

#3 China Seas

The Chinese have started to garrison forces on and around the various disputed islands in the South China Sea. This is happening at a time when the global politics is actually partially alert to it all. The US Pacific Pivot is huge if it is true. The Chinese aggressive and arrogant attitude over territorial claims in the region also huge. That a number of nations that many a US school kid couldn’t find on a map are potential allies may be somewhat surreal but if it all shakes out to reality,this too will be huge.

There is a linked story line evolving on the continent of Africa. There many folks point out the increase in US military bases. These are generally seen as being all about Islamists and pirates and humanity. BULSHIT! I  am now convinced that the purpose of these bases are in fact to establish a presence in opposition to Chinese development forces.

Be advised Eagle vs Panda has begun. 



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  1. Seems almost as though you heard the same lecture that I did at the War College some years ago. Stratfor did an assessment some time back that appears to be playing out that nearly matches your assessment. I am wondering just who the spoilers will be myself. Israel in the Mideast for sure. Probably in cahoots with Hungry. In the Oriental Pacific..? Taiwan? South Korea?

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