Blogging will be…


Either light or heavy,sporadic or semi-steady. I have no freaking idea what the real world holds for me.  I know that things are moving in a number of directions and at a speed that has prevented me from doing that in2thefray thing. That being finding something,sharing it and adding an opinion and hoping others had an opinion they’d feel like offering.

I can disclose one thing though. If I could exert/exploit my Canadian ancestry I’d soooo move. That is as sad as it is humorous.



  1. Rutherford says:

    Don’t you at least want to wait until November to make your “move” decision? Let’s not forget, Mitt will turn this country around by golly! 😉

  2. Rutherford says:

    Actually, in Mittspeak that should have read: Mitt will turn this country around for Pete’s sake!

  3. Can’t move. Gun safe is too damn heavy…

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