I’m speechless and possibly without a country….


Drama? maybe a little but not too much. Quite simply what has been done to Americans today is unbelievable . PUNITIVE TAXATION has been deemed Constitutional.

That is a fact. Law was created today that will bite us in the ass as a nation sooner than later.

Roberts has deemed what everybody connected to the law called a penalty,a charge or fee a TAX.

I’m literally beside myself. I’m done.




  1. Raji says:

    How can the government tax an inactivity? Surely the individual mandate will be appealed if considered a tax. In other words, legalese at it’s best, Roberts: “it makes going without insurance just another thing the Government taxes, like buying gasoline or earning income.” HUH!

  2. Alfie says:

    Here’s my two big points in this.
    1) Nobody called this a tax. In fact Congress applied the “penalty” label so as to avoid a law already on the books. How SCOTUS can now call it a tax just to find it constitutional is insane.
    2) It won’t happen in 2014,or perhaps not in 2020 but I firmly believe that before 2040 other inactivities will be taxed as well as activities. Here is a quick sample. By 2040 if you own 2 cars and one isn’t a hybrid or electric…you will be taxed. I totally see that happening. I can equally see that if you’re the owner of more than 2 vehicles in a non-commercial setting or hell even if you are….bang special tax for you.
    Rutherford I think believes my furor is all about the healthcare angle. It isn’t. I’m all about the power government has been given.

  3. Raji says:

    In agreement. It is insane to call it a tax.

  4. Rutherford says:

    Raji I’m confused by your reaction. Most folks felt Obama was lying all along when he said it WASN’T a tax. Now that the SCOTUS has said that it is, there is still objection.

    Help me out here.

  5. Raji says:

    I posted this response on your blog: Rutherford, SCOTUS has just given the government the power to tax “INACTIVITY”. If you don’t pay taxes on your income, the IRS slams you with a PENALTY, not a tax. As Alfie, said this precedent is going to come back and bite us someday. This is not just about Affordable Health Care.

  6. Rutherford says:

    Oh Alfie, say it isn’t so. You bothered to keep reading after this sentence — But just because a majority of the Supreme Court declares something to be “constitutional” does not make it so. Millions of Americans simply won’t accept it and will act to help overhaul it.

    Public opinion and constitutionality are two very different things. The SCOTUS has declared the thing constitutional and in our governmental system, that DOES make it so. Rand is smoking dope. The notion that millions of Americans won’t accept it is a complete nonsequiter.

    Rand is nuttier than his Daddy.

  7. Alfie says:

    Seeing as he has history on his side about how SCOTUS has reversed itself he isn’t as fully full of it as you think. I think it is within that construct he believes his message lives.

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