Is America at a cross roads?


I asked myself that question this morning after dragged out session of the morning routine. The morning routine for me includes a diverse and aggressive exploration of a mound of international media. Of course reading something today is impacted by what you read and lived yesterday so I imagine in some ways this epiphany query has been some time coming.

The cross roads I see is more like a twisted interchange than the quintessential simple intersection or forked road ala Robert Frost. The roads include the coming US presidential election,SCOTUS decisions,various populism movements in the states and abroad and of course the ever evolving foreign policy/issues tangle.

Keeping with roadways metaphor I suppose one could speak of passing lanes,exit lanes,pile ups and the wrongly cursed rotary. I see where they hold value in the discussion and overall thinking.

At any rate I’ve decided I will explore this and post it if for no other reason than to get it out of my head.




  1. commontater says:

    America at a cross road is good description of current events and I see you fleshing out the bigger picture the further down the road in your thoughtful pondering. Thought I’d just drop in here after my prolonged hiatus from blogging due to personal events beyond my control. I lost my beloved spouse, my beloved 11 year old furkid and the puppy who replaced him that I’d grown to love, all within 10 months, starting last April through January of this year. Since January I’ve sold my place in Virginia and relocated to the Poconos, You’ll be seeing me more often now, my friend. Best regards, Commontater

  2. Alfie says:

    I look forward to your future posts. You are like the third “e” contact I know that has had some heavy real life stuff befall them. Best wishes,honest.

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