in2theheadlines:2 bums,a rich chick and a socialist sit down…


…and nothing happens.

Spain and Italy are the bums. The failed states to be are somehow still considered two of the more heavy hitter nations within the Euro Zone.

The rich chick is my pseudo-humorus/friendly shout out to embattled German leader Merkel. Poor ole girl can’t go to a summit without being ostracized and this most recent sit down was no exception.

Mssr. Hollande is of course the socialist.

The goal of the meeting was to get Germany to give Euro’s to everyone ad to establish the dreaded Tobin Tax that the UK will not play.

Most pundits call the meeting more symbolism than substance but I think there is some definite meat on this particular bone.

The Euro Zone is in the crapper and the only way out in many minds is taxation and Keynesian growth models. I think if the EZ presses this they will lose Germany and the UK which undoubtedly will cause a complete Euro-imploson.



  1. Ah, the Euro Zone… Destined for the trash heap of history. Are those people just stoned, or stupid?

  2. Alfie says:

    I’d guess both since they keep going at it and appear oblivious to the pain.

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