in2theheadlines: Syria splashes a Turkish fighter…


So Syria shot down a Turkish fighter plane.

I like Turkey. I have consistently deemed them one the most important countries in the world and nothing has changed that. In the evolving world stage of events regarding Syria I am absolutely begging the Syrians to shoot at the Turks again. I’m begging ya!

I am also begging the West not to miss this opportunity to take the right steps to get Turkey onto the partnership list.



  1. jonolan says:

    Turkey is important but they’ll never be a good ally for America. They want to destroy Israel, largely support Iran, and have real problems with our only useful allies in Iraq, the Kurds – who Turkey doesn’t even acknowledge as being in existence as they denote them as “Mountain Turks.”

    My guess is that we’ll be at war with Turkey in the next 30 years after they destabilize the Mideast and, once again, try to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. They try that every century or so and we’re overdue…

  2. Alfie says:

    Jonolan I disagree strongly with your comment.
    The Turks are actually aligned with the Kurds on a pipeline deal. A win/win/win situation depending on where you sit. Turkey has energy dreams and regional hegemony hopes. I think they are better than the Iranians on that front. They could prove more like an ally but never like a puppet. The West needs to come to terms with that. They can accept the Kurds,they loather the PKK but thats more because what occurs in Turkey than Iraq.
    The Ankarra government is actually pissing off the gang in Baghdad and Tehran. They are doing this secondary to being Sunni and wary of Shiite power grabs.
    They are potentially a real danger in the eastern Med since they have firm views on Cyprus who in turn are Israels new energy buddy in the area.
    Eastern Med is about to become a fascinating place. Lebanon and Syria are coming on line as well as Palestinian/Gaza becoming gas producers or at least parties to the arguments and tensions that will grow from it. Add the Russians desires and see how Turkey offers a potential foil to them and I’m still liking Turkey.
    Hating on Israel is a mixed bag. It is currently a viable diversion for Erdogan. I don’t think thirty years of future history will see Turkey trying to destroy Israel but I’d agree they will indeed butt heads so more,primarily over gas. Israel has the potential to impact Turkeys actions,the future is as much up to Jerusalem/Tel Aviv as Ankarra.

  3. Alfie says:

    I was just catching up on some stuff which could temper my enthusiasm. I was not aware that Erdogans party was so stridently pursuing increasing presidential power. If the time honored secularity is so challenged I’d be closer to your view.

  4. jonolan says:

    Please understand, I was speaking of the Turks, not their current government. Turkey’s government has been at odds with the majority of its population for a long time – that “time honored” secularity being part of it – but that can’t last.

    As an example, their government wanted to help us with Iraq, but the people were so dead-set against it that they almost had a revolution over it. The government backed down and we went in by other routes.

  5. Turkey seems a mixed bag in my book. Seems that I heard on the radio these past few days that they bombed the “Mountain Turks” as you called them. I have a friend that works over there, and he seems to think that Turkey is like a dysfunctional family. Lots of different factions, and all of them pointed in different directions as to where the nation should go.

    As Jonolan pointed out, there is also a strange sort of disconnect between the people there and the government. Throughout history that situation has always led to some sort of disaster. For the nation involved if not for the entire world.

  6. Alfie says:

    Turkish forces on border and two incidents of Turks scrambling fighters. Now what is next?

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