Quick Frays: Iran and Egypt

So straight from Tehran Times,a pro regime publication there is an article I think people should check out. This isn’t from Israel,some exile or other anti- Iran entity,but a pro-govt. publication published unabashedly in english so translation isn’t an issue. All that said I want to be clear WHY I post this.

  1. Iran is indeed an important country/issue.
  2. Iran isn’t a nation of fumbling and bumbling Mohammedists. They’re a nation very much in tuned to the region,the NAM, and it’s unique potential in the mix.
  3. The current US policy towards Iran is failing,or at least failing at its published goals.
  4. Iran is at a minimum an adversary (and perhaps a necessary one) in terms of Real Politik and quite possibly an enemy to the West.

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  1. Alfie says:

    As kind of an update there are reports that the sanctions on Iran are causing pain…….unfortunately the pain is being felt from allies who are suffering from the unintended consequences of obeying sanctions. Go figure sanctions AREN’T a one way street. Who Knew?!

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